RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

Justin announces Johnny Damon out to the ring with all his accolades. He comes out with his short Yankees hair and shaved Yankees face. He takes a mic from Justin and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas – this gives him a mixed review. He says it’s alright to get boos and cheers. World Series Champs in Boston and New York. He doesn’t know where he’ll be in 2010, but tonight he’s in charge of RAW! More heat. He says one RAW superstar will get a wish granted. Some blonde chased a mascot tiger into the ring. She’s wielding a cane and swinging hard at him. Into the ring, she’s screaming her head off. They leave the ring, down the right side of the ramp and out.

Kelly, Kim and Melina out in Santa’s helpers outfits to the ring. Kelly’s is the same pink she wore in Iraq. Maryse, Jillian and Fox out to face them.

Jillian on Kim. Kim whipped hard but moves out of the way. cross body on Jillian for two. Kim ends up on Jillian’s shoulders. Jillian falls back and pins Kim for two. Maryse in and works over Kim hard. Kim slams Maryse into a corner and flies into the face corner to tag out. Kelly hard on Maryse and gets a two. Jillian breaks it up and they all end up in the ring. With the ref’s back turned Melina helps Kelly and Kelly’s able to pin Maryse for three.

– Winners: Gail Kim, Kelly & Melina

They celebrate in the ring.

King and Cole talk about Santa and Hornswoggle taking DX to court tonight.

– Commercial

King and Cole talk about Little People’s Court.

HHH catches HBK with his glasses on. HHH called him a lazy eyes freak. They had to go to the ring then realized they had to go under the ring. They wiggle under and HBK goes on and on about being pitch dark. HHH says he gets it. HBK says he’s prepared and cracks his glow sticks. HBK says he got them at the vendor. HHH cracks his and says he got them at wweshop.com. They find a light switch and are in a corridor. They say it’s huge under the ring. They find a sign that says Little People’s Court. Everything is little, right down the jury, judge, chairs, etc. They’re supposed to sit, but the chairs are tiny. The bailiff takes HBK’s knees out. HHH picks on HBK’s hair being the same as the bailiff’s. Then HHH refuses to sit and has his knees taken out too. Hornswoggle is there and grunts that he’s taken them to court for intentional infliction of emotional distress and has video evidence. HBK was the translator. Exhibit A – The video is clip from the three of them over the past couple months. HHH says it doesn’t look good. The narrator says we’ll find out more later when Little People’s Court returns.

Legacy, all three of them, out to the ring. Kofi, Evan and Henry out to face them.

Henry and Orton start, but Orton immediately tags in Cody and rolls from the ring. Henry brings Cody in the hard way. Cody up high and then Henry drops him to the mat. Kofi tags in and stomps the heck out of Cody in a corner. Kofi runs to jump at Cody but then lands split leg on the corner. Orton tags in and stalks Kofi.

– Commercial

Cody has a headlock on Kofi. Kofi elbows out, but runs into a knee. Back body drop on Cody and Evan gets the tag. Head scissors then dropkick on Cody. Then he drop both from apron. Evan climbs and hits his SSP, but Ted breaks it up. Orton beats on Evan outside. Cody pins Evan in the ring, but only gets two. Orton tags in and hits Evan in the head then stomps the heck out of him. Orton ricochets Evan up into the bottom rope. Ted tags in and hit’s a nice delayed vertical suplex for two. Henry gets the fans clapping. Headlock on Evan in the center of the ring. Orton shouts instructions to Ted. Huge clothesline to Evan for another two. Cody tags in, does nothing, Ted tags in and eats a kick to the face from Evan! Both down. Orton gets his tag, then Kofi tags in. Kofi works over Kofi and then a dropkick. Kofi hits his double leg drop. Cody breaks Kofi’s pin. Henry in to take out Cody and might have hurt himself. Trouble in paradise and Kofi pins Ted for three!

– Winners: Henry, Evan & Kofi

Ted is still lolling in the ring while the other three celebrate. Video of a couple of Kofi’s move and then the finisher. Back to them celebrating and Ted with Legacy on the ramp looking beaten and abused.

Backstage Damon hangs with Santa, the Bellas and Eve. They talk about the Yankees winning this year. Eve gets more eggnog and Carlito comes up. He says they’re under mistletoe. He closes his eyes and puckers up. Masters comes into Eve’s spot. Carlito’s pissed at Santa, who turns out to be Sarge. Santa makes a match between Carlito and Masters. Carlito says he can’t make matches, but then Damon does make the match. In the end Damon and Sarge are under the Mistletoe. Damon’s not thrilled as Sarge yells about don’t ask, don’t tell.

– Commercial

Recap of what already happened in Court. HHH addresses the court and says it’s a little misunderstanding. It’s not that they don’t like dwarfs, trolls, midgets. HBK says he’s not helping. He asks to say something and will keep it short. Just a tiny moment. Then he says he’s not helping. They then go back to video. This is the three of them in the ring together at MSG when Hornswoggle at a pedigree. Then they took him out on the little DX body board. HBK says they’re not guilty! They all want Hornswoggle to get in DX and it won’t happen. He needs to do something big to find himself worthy. And if you’re not down with that… All the little people started throwing stuff at them and they fled. Out of the courtroom and then out form under the ring. HHH asks what they’re doing running from a bunch of little people? They’re little. But then HBK’s grabbed from under the ring. He’s screaming about feeling their little hands on his legs. HHH pulls him out and they run from the ring.

– Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week – Cena ranting about not losing another match until he’s again Champion. Then he proceeded to beat Orton and win Superstar of The Year.

Cena out to the ring. Swagger out to face him.

Swagger takes Cena down and starts mat wrestling. Forearm to Cena’s back and he’s down. Shoulders into Cena’s gut in another corner and then a knee to Cena’s face. Cena up and reverses the whip. Bulldog on Swagger and then Cena sends Swagger out over the top.

– Commercial

Swagger with chicken wing on Cena on the mat. During the break Cena went into the barricade and Swagger’s been in control since. Swagger catches Cena in the air and plants him on the mat. Swagger uses the ropes to get some height and slam a foot on Cena. Punches and kicks in a corner. Cena starts fighting back but Swagger grabs Cena and hit’s a sideslam for two. Another double chicken wing on Cena on the mat. Arm drag on Cena and more of the double chicken wing. Cena powers his way to his feet and muscles out of the hold. Cena hit’s a belly to belly on Swagger for two. Swagger whipped but gets a foot up into Cena’s face. Stomps on Cena and then a leg drop. Swagger runs across the ring, up to the second ropes and then splashes Cena for two. Swagger was pissed Cena kicked out. Swagger tried for his suplex but Cena reverses. Both struggle to his feet. Shoulder blocks to Swagger and then a slam. Super Cena is back! Five knuckle shuffle on Swagger for a ‘vintage Cena’. Cena gets him up for the AA, but Swagger was able to reverse it and slam Cena to the mat. Cena sitting up top. Swagger set up for a superplex, but Cena punches him off. Cena flies but Swagger moves out of the way! Swagger tries to his splash but Cena moves. Cena locks on the STF. Swagger taps and it’s over.

– Winner: Cena

Cena leaves the ring and Swagger on the mat. Video of the reversals and then Cena’s STF.

Damon talks to Santa who’s not Dusty. Dusty goes ranting in his normal way. MVP comes in and says he wants to prove he has what it takes to be Champion in 2010. How about MVP versus Sheamus tonight. Dusty says he reminds him a lot of himself. MVP pulls down the beard to show who it is. Dusty asks if his polka dot gave him away? Damon comes in and makes the match. Dusty’s left standing under the mistletoe and laughing.

– Commercial

Carlito out to the ring, apple in hand. Video of Matt Hardy accepting for Jeff last week, then Carlito got involved by attacking Hardy. Masters and Hardy took Carlito down. Masters, with Eve in tow, out to the ring.

Carlito tries to throw a blow, but Masters blocks it and hits one of his own. The master lock almost locked on until Carlito gets free and flees the ring briefly. Sleeper on Masters in the ring. Master up with Carlito on his back. Carlito slammed into a corner to free him, but then Carlito gets his foot up. Masters calls for the masterwork but eats a jawbreaker. Masters finally locks it on Carlito. The ref calls for the bell.

– Winner: Masters

Masters and Eve celebrate in the ring with a hug. She pulls out mistletoe and plants one on him getting his pecs bouncing. He holds the ropes for her to leave the ring.

Video from Tribute To The Troops.

– Commercial

The Bellas backstage with the tiger from the start of the show. They’re hitting on him. Miz says to Santa he didn’t get his Zcav pants he wanted, so things better be right this year. He wants a tour bus, a house in Malibu, and two hotter girlfriends. The beard comes down and it’s I.R.S.! he says Miz still owes taxes on the Ford Focus he won on the Kardashian’s show. Miz claims he was never on that show. I.R.S. says he’s checked his files and knows everything. It’s Tiffany wielding the cane (sorry I missed that earlier). She came flying through screaming that he’s a cheater and chases him out. I.R.S. and Miz watch wide eyed. Then I.R.S. tells Miz that being Champion puts him in a higher tax bracket, so don’t think about working his way out of his 1040 forms. Damon comes in and says he paid his taxes. I.R.S. says you baseball players are the biggest tax cheats of them all and stomps off. Then Mae Young comes in in much less clothing than she should be wearing. A tiny little Santa’s helper outfit and mauls the heck out of Damon who flees. She somehow manages to get back to her feet and wishes everybody a Merry Christmas.

Sheamus out to the ring.

– Commercial

Next week Timbaland will be hosting RAW.

Stills of Cena going through the table at TLC. MVP out to face him.

Sheamus on MVP hard after the bell. shoulders into MVP in a corner. Fist drops MVP. Body punches to Sheamus, but a forearm drops MVP. Backbreaker on MVP. MVP ducks Sheamus who hit’s a corner. MVP comes back with punches, but then Sheamus hit’s a few. MVP takes him down, but Sheamus plays possum and hit’s a big boot on MVP. Sheamus gets MVP up and hits his finisher for three.

– Winner: Sheamus

Sheamus poses with his belt. video of the big boot and then the finisher. Cena runs out to the ring, but Sheamus steps back. Cena with a mic. Cena says that everyone knows Sheamus owes him a rematch, right? Off comes the shirt. He’s there to collect, he wants it now! Cena taunts Sheamus who steps forward a bit, but then leaves the ring. Sheamus back up and into the ring, but then he leaves and backs up the ramp. Cena does his famous hand shake in front of his face.

– Commercial

The makeup artist wiping Mae Young off Damon’s face. Vince came in and said it takes sandpaper to take that off. Vince asks what he wants to do about Cena. Damon sets up Cena against Sheamus next week. Damon asks about Bret Hart. Vince says it’s not something to be discussed this Holiday season and leaves.

Miz out to the ring. Santino, dressed like Santa, out to face him. Gifts thrown to the fans and Miz looks annoyed. Santino wishes a Merry Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanzaa to all. He then sings Santino Clause Is Coming To Town. Right now Santino Clause doesn’t feel like being very nice. He gets his costume back together.

Miz right on Santino who falls back. Miz chokes him on a second rope and then lands on his back. Neckbreaker by Miz. Santino backed into a corner then stomped on. Miz rushed Santino who moves. Santino hit’s a move to drop below a Miz move then slams him down. Santino up but Miz moves. SCF from Miz for three.

– Winner: Miz

Miz poses over Santino. Miz grabs Santino’s bag and then stomps all the gifts inside. Then Miz kicks it from the ring.

King and Cole talk about DX being found guilty in ‘court’ earlier. Video recap of the whole thing.

Backstage Big Show is heading for the ring when Josh stops him. He asks about last RAW. Big Show says he’s sick of all these imposter Santas. He wants the real Santa out there to grant his wish and will take out any fake Santas or anyone else who gets involved.

– Commercial

Video of Ted in his new movie.

Big Show out to the ring. He’s back in his black ring gear. Big Show says Damon promised one RAW superstar’s wish will be granted. That will be him. He wants the real Santa to come out and grant his wish now. Out comes Santa with a Bella elf on each side. Santa carefully gets in the ring and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. He says Big Show’s a big little boy and while he’d normally have him sit on his knee, but that won’t happen. Big Show down on one knee to give Santa a knee to sit on. Big Show says he’s been a good little boy. Big Show says he wants his best friend and tag team partner back on RAW. Santa says Jericho has been such a bad little boy this year. All that talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. Big Show says he wants this more than anything else in the world. Santa says if this is what he really wants, next week Jericho will be back on RAW. Big Show hugs Santa. Then Hornswoggle’s music plays. Hornswoggle into the ring and whips off Santa’s beard to show it’s Jericho. Then an entire tiny DX Army comes out from under the ring. They surround Jericho in the ring. They’re ready to throw down. Jericho takes everything off but his belly and his pants. He’s swarmed. They get all of them off Jericho but one. Big Show side slams the last tiny little guy to huge heat. High fives over the little guy then they hand him out to refs by one foot! Jericho throws Hornswoggle into the ring and the fans start chanting for DX. Hornswoggle starts to tune up the band. He nailed sweet shin music. Big Show got Hornswoggle up but DX’s music hit and out they come. They got rid of Jericho, but then Big Show grabbed them both for chokeslams. They reversed it and suplexed Big Show. HHH grabs a mic. He wants to squash Hornswoggle. HBK says it’s Christmas, they can’t squash him! HHH says what he wants for Christmas is to squash him. HBK says he’s growing on him. HHH says he doesn’t hate him as much either. HBK says that they said he had to do something big, and he did. “Can we keep him?” HBK says he’ll walk him, feed him, clean out his cage. HHH says DX has a height requirement. HBK whispers in HHH’s ear. HHH says if he drops the court case he can be the DX mascot. HBK says if you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for you… Hornswoggle yells suck it! They all pose for the in ring pyro. They all pose in the ring.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Legacy / Orton

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