Tonight’s groundbreaking RAW starts with a Bret Hart video. From his childhood and up through the Montreal Screw Job! Video of the MSJ and Vince saying – black eye and all – that Bret screwed Bret. Then to HBK telling Vince to bring Bret back and only good things will happen.

Justin in the ring announces Bret Hart with all his accolades. Bret’s music and finally he comes out onto a WWE stage for the first time in 12 years! Jean shorts, black leather jacket, Bret Hart shirt. King’s in awe of Bret being back. The fans are hot! Wilder than I’ve seen WWE fans in along time. Bret grabs a mic and waits. Off come the sunglasses. Bret says he guesses hell froze over. Many people wonder why he’s there and why now. He’s had a long time to think about things, 12 years. It’s an amazing feeling. He’s found a way to come back. He’s wanted to be back, but Vince always blocked him. Feels great to be here and talk to the WWE Universe. “Welcome back!” chants. He says it’s great to be back. He wants to thank the fans for never letting him be forgotten. He owes it all to the WWE Universe for not being forgotten. He’s flooded with millions of memories, great memories. He won his first KOTR there! At the end of the night King jumped him and… Hey King, nice to see ya! There’s another reason to be there. He has 12 years of things to get off his chest. First thing he wants to do it call out HBK! HBK comes out to the ring. HBK gets right up close to in Bret’s face. Bret says he’ll call him Shawn. He wants to burry the hatchet and call for a truce! HBK grabs a mic and says before Hart gets his closure, there’s something he’s been waiting 12 years to say to him. The fact is, Bret deserved what happened 12 years ago in Montreal. He disrespected HBK and his business. Yes, he did have a hand in what happened that night. “You screwed Bret!” chants. Bret says he rests his case. HBK says there’s a big part of him that doesn’t regret a bit of it. But there’s another part of him that knows in the last 12 years a lot of things have changed. a lot in his life change. He always respected Bret, but never felt respected. There were times he couldn’t stand the sight of Bret and knows Bret feels the same. When he thinks of Bret he doesn’t think of Montreal. He thinks of California and an Iron man Match. The match no one wanted to see, especially on PPV. They went out there and changed things. Bret’s not the only one to carry this around for 12 years. He’s not the only one ready to burry the hatchet. He just wants to make sure Bret is sure and ready. Bret says HBK wasn’t the easiest to love back then. But their careers shouldn’t be tagged by Montreal. He thinks it’s a good time to do this. Bret says they need to take this time to say they can be friends. Bret extends his hand in friendship, he wants to burry it right now. Bret extends his hand and HBK shakes it! HBK goes to leave the ring and comes back. They warmly hug. They obviously were no bullshitting this! HBK leaves the ring and puts the mic on the steps on the way out. Bret then calls out Vince! Bret says, come on Vinnie, don’t keep the people waiting! Vince didn’t come out and announce moved to the matches slated for the show.

– Commercial

Backstage Josh stops Vince outside his office. Josh asks about what Bret said. Vince said he just left a meeting, didn’t know what was going on. Vince says no one calls him out. Bret doesn’t call him out. If Bret wants to talk, then Vince will call Bret out later.

Announce talks about how Melina was injured in Manchester, NH. They’re having a Tournament for the title. Starting now.

Maryse out to the ring for the first round of the Tournament. Brie Bella will face her, but both out to the ring.

They lock up and Maryse backs her to the ropes. Maryse then runs for cover in the ropes. Maryse poses and Brie grabs her. Maryse face first into a corner but pushes Brie off. Brie works over Maryse with a number of well worked moves. Maryse from the ring. Nikki sends Maryse face first into announce. In the ring Maryse fights back sending Brie back off the ropes for two. Maryse uses Brie’s hair to slam her around, but then the Bellas switched. Maryse saw the switch and hit the French kiss for three.

Winner: Maryse

Video of the switch and finisher. Brie in to tend to her sister. As Maryse lease the ring Miz’s music hits and he stops her on the stage. He said if she wins the Tournament he might call her back. He speaks French to her and she giggles at him. He says he’s heard her says that 2010 is the year of Maryse. He says this year, decade and every moment moving forward belong to him because he’s the Miz and he’s awesome. Maryse leaves as Miz heads to announce.

Out to the ring comes MVP. Swagger out to the ring to face him.

– Commercial

MVP is down on the mat. Swagger stomps MVP while Carlito watches. Henry was slammed head first into the ring post during the break. Miz talks about his title and how all these people are up and comers, not up to his level. Swagger pins Carlito for two. MVP broke up the count. Swagger works over MVP and pins, Carlito breaks that count. Miz talks about Spencer Pratt. Swagger splashes Carlito, MVP was in that corner too, but ducked out. Henry in and goes at it with MVP. Head butt to Carlito. Henry has Carlito up and uses his feet to take down Swagger. Bear hug on Carlito. Swagger attacks Henry. Henry gets Swagger up in the rack ala Luger! MVP takes Henry and Swagger down. Henry tossed from the ring. Carlito tossed out. MVP hit’s the playmaker on Swagger for three.

– Winner: MVP

MVP over to announce side of the ring and motions for Miz’s strap. Video of the end of the match. Miz talks himself up as MVP backs up the ramp.

Backstage Jeri-Show talk about their match. Big Show talks about how this is it. He doesn’t want Jericho to be tossed off RAW. Jericho says he has a deal Hart can’t pass up. Jericho says he’s not leaving RAW. Big Show says he doesn’t want him to go.

– Commercial

Backstage Bret’s talking wrestling to someone. Jericho comes in and talks about training at the Dungeon and perfected the Walls on Bret’s brother Keith. He knows the real Bret Hart and knows he despises HBK. He has some ideas about that. Bret asks what Jericho has in mind. Jericho says Bret should be the guest ref. when he locks the walls on HBK he can ring the bell. Bret says he wants to put it all to bed. He’s done with it. Jericho says this is all an act, right? Bret says he doesn’t want to be anything like Jericho and be thought of as a hypocrite by the WWE Universe. Bret says the way he remembers things at the Dungeon, it was Jericho who screamed the loudest and scared the cats in the top part of the house. Bret smiles widely as Jericho left.

Backstage Hornswoggle is playing with the new Mattel line that came out this week. They talked about some of the big names that came out. HHH slaps Hornswoggle’s hands and told him he can’t play with them until they win. HBK comes in and tells HHH not to talk to him like a child. HHH says he’s an innocent child. Hornswoggle grins. HBK says he has a beard, not a child. HHH says he’s been working on their match when HBK was out with Bret. HHH says Jericho’s name. out comes Santino dressed like Jericho and talking like Jericho. HHH told him to stop. HHH said to Hornswoggle to attack and Hornswoggle attacks fake Jericho. Hornswoggle really works over Santino. HHH and HBK talk and then leave. They go back as HHH calls to Hornswoggle like he’s a dog. He offers a cookie and says Hornswoggle will do anything for him. Santino sticks his head up and says good luck on the sucking and falls back behind the sofa with the wig flying.

– Commercial

Justin announces it’s time for the Unified Tag Team Championship Match. Out comes DX, including Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle runs to the ring and in. All three in the ring crotch chopping to in ring pyro. Jeri-Show out to face them.

Jericho pushes Big Show to start. Hornswoggle under the ring. HBK slammed into a corner and big chops. Head butt to HBK. HHH got the tag. DX tried to double team Big Show, but he double suplexes them!

– Commercial

HHH down on the mat, Jericho taunting the fans. “Triple H” chants. Big Show tags in but HHH in control until Big Show hit’s a sidewalk slam on HHH. Big Show taunts HHH, drops a leg and pins for two. Big Show taunts HBK. Head butt to HHH. Jericho tags in and stands on HHH’s shoulders as he’s draped over the second ropes. Head/arm lock on HHH in the center of the ring. HHH fights his way up and out. Spinebuster on Jericho. Both down. Jericho tagged out at five and Big Show in with a boot to the back of HHH’s skull. Big Show up on the second ropes and tries to splash HHH, but HHH moves. HHH tags out and HBK on Big Show with chops. Flying forearm to Big Show’s face, then again! Low dropkick to Big Show’s knee. HBK takes Jericho out as he tries to get in. HBK up top but Jericho knocks him to sitting painfully. Hornswoggle out, into the ring, slams down on Big Show, then out the other side and back under. HBK pins Big Show for two. HBK starts tuning up the band. Big Show grabs HBK and chokeslams him to the mat. Big Show pins for two. The fans are wild! Jericho in hits lionsault, but HBK gets his knees up. Jericho reverses into walls, or tries, but HBK gets out. HHH tags in and pedigrees Jericho. HHH pins Jericho, but Big Show breaks it up and grabs HBK for a chokeslam. HHH pedigrees with HBK’s help. Big Show rolls out of the ring. Jericho in and pushes HHH into HBK. HBK flies out of the ring and Jericho rolls up HHH, with tights, but HHH gets out. HHH to his feet and eats a code breaker! Both are down. Jericho crawls and pins HHH, but HBK breaks the count. Hornswoggle in and tunes up the band. Jericho takes Hornswoggle down with a big boot. HHH tries to pedigree but Jericho reverses it. HBK hits sweet chin music on Jericho. HHH pins for three.

– Winners: DX

DX can barely get to their feet, Jericho still prone on the mat. Video of high points in the match. DX poses over Jericho, then leave the ring. Big Show into the ring. HHH grabs a mic and tells Jericho he’s finished on RAW, so long, bye bye! HBK grabs a mic and say if Jericho’s not down with that, they have two words for ya… Big Show glares down at Jericho like he smells bad, then leaves the ring. Jericho rolls over and looks lost. It’s like he realized it’s over. The fans start singing a bit. Jericho rolls from the ring. HHH in the ring waving and the singing gets louder. Jericho slowly up the ramp, head cocked over his right shoulder, singing and jeers from the fans. On the stage Jericho looks around as he backs out. DX’s music plays for the guys in the ring.

Backstage a knock on Vince’s door. Vince opens and asks what he wants. He has a lot of nerve knocking on his door. Camera backs up to show Orton. Orton says he has an offer for him. He doesn’t know what he plans on doing to Bret. Vince says what Bret did, walking out, spitting in his face, is nothing compared to what Orton did to his family. Orton says Vince works with people he doesn’t like. Vince gives the word and Orton will punt Bret. Vince wants to know what Orton gets out of this. He wants to be #30 in the RR. Vince says he has his own security and to never confront him again. Then he walks up on Legacy and wants to know what they want. Cody says Orton did so much sitting ringside last week. So they’re going to sit ringside for Orton’s match. If Orton doesn’t beat Kofi, they’ll kick Orton out of the group.

– Commercial

Promo for Mike Tyson to host RAW next week.

Video from last week when Sheamus pulled the ref to the mat to DQ Sheamus and screw Cena. Sheamus beat the heck out of Cena with a couple big boots to Cena’s head.

Sheamus out to the ring. Sheamus says last week Cena couldn’t beat him. Cena can make all the excuses he want, but the last image of 2009 was Sheamus standing over Cena’s body, still WWE Champion. He’ll defend at RR, but not against Cena. He’s done with Cena, he wants a new defender. Bret was right saying he’s the best there was, but Sheamus is the best there is and there ever will be. Evan Bourne’s music cut Sheamus off. Evan went out the other side and grabbed a mic. He says the only reason Sheamus has the title is he was given the opportunity. He knows given the same opportunity, he could beat Sheamus. He wants that opportunity now. Evan threw the mic the to Sheamus who almost couldn’t catch it. Sheamus says if Evan can beat him tonight, then the title will be on the line at RR.

Evan’s fast feet come out flying. Kicks galore and Evan over the top. Evan lands on the apron, climbs and hits airborne for long two. Evan back in the ring and Sheamus really beats him down by catching Evan in the air and slamming him to the mat. Sheamus hit more with stomps and then a kick to Evan’s head. Sheamus hits his finisher and it’s over for Evan.

– Winner: Sheamus

Sheamus grabs his title belt. Video of Evan flying, then Sheamus in control.

Cole and King talk about the loss of Dr. Death Steve Williams. Then a still up with a picture of Williams, RIP.

– Commercial

Video from the Montreal Screw Job. Startling with Bret winning the title and then to SS when Bret faced HBK. Vince’s interview about how Bret screwed Bret. Then an old interview with Bret about the MSJ. Bret said he’d always stand by what he did. Vince said he had no sympathy for Bret.

Kofi out to the ring.

– Commercial

Orton out to the ring. Cody and Ted are sitting in chairs set up by announce. King said they told him if Orton loses they’ll give him the beating of his life.

Kofi with a knee to Orton’s gut. Forearms to Orton’s face then Kofi off a corner with a flying forearm to Orton’s face. Orton shoulder blocked Kofi to the mat. Kofi came back with a high elbow to Orton’s face. Orton into a corner then splashed by Kofi. Kofi then clotheslines Orton from the ring then dropkicks Orton through the ropes. Ted and Cody just watch. Kofi throws Orton back in, but then Orton tries to DDT Kofi into the ring. It doesn’t work and Orton again tossed from the ring.

– Commercial

Ted and Cody watching closely. Headlock on Kofi. During the break Orton pushed Kofi off the corner – up top – and Kofi landed on the barrier! Orton stomps Kofi’s gut over and over. The fans give Orton heat and he talks back. Kofi slammed face first into a corner. Punches to Kofi in a corner. Orton slingshots Kofi up into the bottom ropes. Orton pins for two. Headlock on Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi starts wiggling around and out of the hold. Both try for a cross body and both are down hard. They both get up and exchange blows. Kofi seems to gain the upper hand and slams Orton down. Kofi mounts Orton on a corner. Upper cut to Orton and then Orton’s slammed to the mat. Kofi hit his double leg drop. Orton flees the ring, Kofi flies through the ropes at him. In the ring Kofi climbs and hit’s a cross body for a long two. Orton tries to send Kofi out, but he bounces off the top ropes and hits his SOS, but Orton somehow kicks out. Orton tries for the RKO, but it’s reversed. Orton blocks trouble in paradise. Orton then hit’s the RKO and pins Kofi for three.

– Winner: Orton

Cody and Ted don’t look very happy about this. Cody and Ted just glare in at Orton. Video of the high points of the match. Orton leaves up the ramp then glares back at Ted and Cody.

Backstage Vince is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Justin announces Vince McMahon to the ring. Vince comes strutting out. Vince let out a sigh on his way to the ring. Less swaggering and looking more nervous that usual. He wishes everyone a Happy New Year. There’s no reason for him to call out Bret. Bret and HBK buried the hatchet, so he feels the same way. He wants to thank Bret for being the guest host. Next week’s guest host is Mike Tyson. Bret comes out on the stage and walks down the ramp to the ring. Vince rolls his eyes. “Bret” chants. Bret gets in the ring and immediately the leather jacket comes off. Vince says he thinks he know what Bret’s thinking and what the fans want to see. They want to see Bret apply the sharpshooter. He hopes Bret will be the bigger man. He’d like to hear what Bret has to say. He’d also like to get a few things off his chest. He really does think you screwed you. He’ll never forget Bret spitting in his face. He’ll never forget Bret sucker punching him. He’ll never forget Bret disrespecting him the night he was inducted into the HOF. He’s slandered Vince in every publication since then. He hopes Bret starts with two words. He hope Bret says he’s sorry. He’s not trying to provoke Bret. Bret grabs a mic. He says he can think of a lot to say to Vince, but not the two words he expects. He says he came to level things, and is half way there. They want the same thing. They want to find peace and closure. Vince says he thought he wanted to come out and kick Bret in the guts. In the interest in being honest, putting it behind them. He does want it as badly as he does. He remembers Bret’s for WM. Bret faced Andre. he knew Bret was the future then. He went from being a tag team Champion to being the Champion. He fought, scratched and kicked his way to the top. One of the reasons the Montreal thing was so personal was Vince was like a father figure to him. That’s why it hurt him so badly. Talking about Stu, he’s why so many people broke into the industry. He wants to personally induct Stu into the HOF. Bret says it will mean a lot to the family and the fans that Vince finally does this. Vince thanks Bret for all of Bret’s contributions, every thrilling moment he gave to the WWE Universe. He wants to thank Bret for being who he is out there tonight. Thanks for being the best there was, the best there is, the best there ever will be. They shake hands. Vince threw his mic off. Vince grabbed Bret’s mic and threw it off. Then Vince raised Bret’s arm to all four sides. Then Vince kicked Bret in the gut. Bret crumbled to the mat in pain. Vince left the ring while Bret tried to regain himself. Vince to the stage and Bret back to his feet. Bret glared up at Vince.

Biggest pop
Bret Hart

Biggest heat
Vince McMahon

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