coach believes that decision to play the again is a wise one. Speaking to La Tercera, Moya said: Roger is so good that he will not struggle.

Its the surface that makes him a little bit more uncomfortable, but he won on it. It suits to him. Spanish tennis is struggling to have younger promising player. Is it worrying? It will be very difficult to keep the level and the amount of players we had in the last 20 years.

We need to get used to it. Moya also spoke about , saying he is the most similar guy to Rafa in handling pressure. He has the most dangerous return in History and he is so good mentally, so good moving on court.

Moya also commented on his Chilean rivals like . He is down in the head to head meetings with all of them. They are great friends, we shared nice moments both on and off the court.

With Fernando and Nico I am still in touch. They were very special players and they put Chile on the tennis map. You will struggle to equal such a generation. Moya also spoke about Nadals motivation against the NextGen players: These 19, 20-year-old guys are a challenge for him.

I can play very well, but Rafa thinks he still has something to say and like I said these games are a big challenge for him. He did very well in this kind of matches in the past. He is respectful towards the younger generations and he knows that at some point they will take his place.

Now he is ready to play with them and give his best.

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