Expert praised great character and game. Speaking to La Sexta, Padula said: You have a world class recognition for his humility, his ability to do things.

He is humble, nice and with a sense of humour: hopefully we had more Rafas like leaders, he is a reference point. He will definitely be in the history as one of the greatest guys in the world forever. On Nadal, one of his coaches Francis Roig added: He is a complete player more and more.

The ones who inside really know what he is capable of. He takes better positions for the attack, he is more aggressive. In an interview, Nadal praised the Next Generation: You have no barriers. The Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas defeated Roger Federer in the Australian Open and the Croat Borna Coric beat me several times, for example.

Its a high-level sport and you play matches where anything can happen. They are good, young, and they have to go through a way. About his character, the 32-year-old added: I am a normal person. I think I am close to people.

And I hope that in my centre people will be excited to improve and have passion day by day, which is the key to success in terms of education. Dubai looks forward to seeing Roger Federer possibly winning his eighth title there.

The Swiss was described as the most talented player by Fernando Verdasco

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