– Minnesota FOX affiliate channel 9 has a video report online on TNA Knockout and Minnesota native ODB breaking into the wrestling business. The piece features comments from ODB’s mom and brother and shows early footage of her trying out for WWE’s Tough Enough reality show on MTV several years ago. Click here to check it out.

– TNA Champion Kurt Angle recently did an interview with Mike McMahon. In it, he talks about the circumstances surrounding him leaving WWE. Angle commented, “I wanted time to really heal my neck,” said Angle. “I went to Vince McMahon, the head of WWE, and asked for the time off and he basically said, ‘No.’ That incident really made me look at my life. That year, I was on the road for 304 days, and my marriage was just falling apart, my wife had filed for divorce… I went back to Vince and asked to go part-time, like some of the older veterans had done. He said no to part-time, so I was fed up and told him I wanted to quit, and he got really mad, and I mean really mad, almost like he wanted to fight me. I took real offense to that. My life was falling apart, and I felt like they didn’t care. My neck was in tough shape, and they wanted me to keep performing every night. I felt I deserved to at least go part-time, even though I really needed the time off.”

– TNA Wrestling has announced that their “Best of 2007” DVD release will be released at Wal-Mart on April 22nd amongst other nationwide retailers.

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