NXT TV Results
Taped at Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida
Aired on June 17, 2015 on the WWE Network
Report by ProWrestling.net

A graphic aired dedicating the show to Dusty Rhodes and his tribute video package played. I’ve seen it a dozen times now and it still gets me… The opening music video aired…

In the NXT Arena, Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, and Carmella made their entrance. Enzo did their usual schtick and the crowd did it along with him as always. Enzo game his team Star Wars nicknames beforee handing the mic off to Carmella who called Blake and Murphy pigs. She said Alexa Bliss was about to get dissed, disfigured, and then dismissed. Carmella inexplicably called Bliss “Felecia.” Cass spelled it out for us to close, but Blake and Murphy’s music interrupted and the tag champs made their entrance along with Alexa Bliss.

1. Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, and Carmella vs. NXT Tag Champions Blake, Murphy, and Alexa Bliss. The crowd chanted “you look stupid” at the braided-pigtailed Blake, but he got the better of Enzo out of the gate. Enzo was taken down after a second exchange, but moments later he mounted a comeback with a Dusty-esque hip swivel in there somewhere. Things broke down and resulted in the babyface holding the ring and delivering the “S-A-W-F-T” line that they didn’t finish earlier. [C]

Back from break, the heels took control of Enzo and began to work him over in their half of the ring. Blake and Murphy used a Poetry in Motion back elbow in the corner and continued to get the heat on Enzo.Moments later, they went back to the well but Enzo avoided and made the hot tag to Carmella. Carmella ran wild on on Bliss for a short time, but Bliss scurried back to her corner and tagged out.

Blake came in, but so did Cass. Cass went on a roll with Stinger splash, a big boot, and a huge sidewalk slam before Enzo came off the top with a diving splash for the win…

Enzo, Cass, and Carmella beat Blake, Murphy, and Alexa Bliss in about 6:45.

Still-shots recapped John Cena’s win over Kevin Owens at Money in the Bank and Owens’s subsequent attack… Backstage, Devin Taylor asked if Samoa Joe came to NXT to specifically target Kevin Owens. Joe said that its a complicated thing. He said he always tries to be on the cutting edge and at the forefront of the big movements in wrestling. He said that’s NXT right now. He said that as far as Kevin Owens goes, he just doesn’t like him. He said that intimidation is a tactic of the weak and cowardly; of a man who doesn’t want to fight. Joe said that tonight he’s going to beat the NXT Champion unmercifully… A Finn Bálor video package was hyped up next… [C]

A hype video aired for Finn Bálor. It played along to his music and featured cuts of him making his cool entrances before it settled into him doing a sit-down interview. The interviewer asked “Who is Fergal Devitt?” Bálor discussed his family and his upbringing as photos flashed on the screen. They got into how he discovered wrestling – WWE – as a child and set his sights on being a wrestler with no alternatives in mind. Video from Insane Championship Wrestling showed clips from early Devitt matches and he discussed how he helped to build up the UK wrestling scene.

Becky Lynch was sitting down and discussed how Feral Devitt was the one person who changed her life more than anybody else had. She broke down and said that if Feral hadn’t taken her under the wing, she wouldn’t have gotten into the business let alone make it to WWE. Becky and Feral were shown chatting on the ring at the WWEPC and Becky continued to tell her story of training with Devitt. Dewitt admitted that he had no business training anybody at the time and he doesn’t even want to take credit; he said she deserves the credit. Becky said he’s the most down-to-Earth and humble guy she’s ever met and yet this is what he was born to do.

More ICW footage aired with more intensity and now including clips of latter-day painted Devitt. Devitt discussed being scouted for NJPW and they aired footage of him giving his goodbye speech when he was leaving for WWE and played it up like that was his goodbye speech for going to Japan. It ended and Part 2 was hyped for next week… Charlotte was hyped to be in action next… [C]

Back in the arena, Charlotte made her entrance. Her opponent, the former KC Cassidy, was already in the ring. She was not introduced.

2. Charlotte vs. Cassie. Before long, Tom Phillips on commentry began referring to her as “Cassie.” Charlotte was in control through most of the match, grounding Cassie early and continuing her assault with some new, dirtier tactics including bootlaces across the face while distracting the ref. Charlotte hit a big boot settled into a cravat before Cassie made a brief comeback with a running cross body. Before long, Charlotte hit her spinning neckbreaker, killed Cassie with a spear, and then locked in the Figure-Eight for the tap-out win.

Charlotte over Cassie in about 3:50.

The commentators reminded viewers that Charlotte still has her sights set on Dana Brooke and Emma, before throwing backstage to Devin Taylor who was with Dana Brooke. Brooke cut Devin off and bragged about competing in the Arnold Classic in Brazil. She said she’s back and that’s great for fans but bad for Charlotte. She said Charlotte is being replaced by “The Total Diva.” She said some people earn their way to the top rather then using their family name. She promised to shove Charlotte right through the door she came in through and then patted Devin on the head before taking off… The main event was hyped up next… A Finn Bálor Demon vignette aired…

Back in the arena, NXT Champion Kevin Owen made his entrance. Samoa Joe was out next to his goofy music.

4. NXT Champion Kevin Owens vs. Samoa Joe in a non-title match. Owens ducked out of the ring as always, but Joe didn’t let him breathe as he followed right after him and got face-to-face which seemingly convinced Owens to get in the ring and do this thing. Joe backed Owens into the corner but Owens yelled that he’s the champ, which led to Joe firing off rapid jabs to the face of Owens. Joe dropped him with a hard back-elbow, but Owens stunned Joe with a jawbreaker. Owens hit a hard clothesline in the corner, but Joe followed him across the ring with a receipt back elbow and the twisting enziguri.

Joe washed his boot across Owens’s face in the corner and then his a running face wash to cap it off. Owens slipped out to ringside as the show went into a break. [C] Back in the ring, Owens had somehow taken control and began to work Joe over. Owens connected with the corner cannonball and a jumping senton, but Joe kicked out at one. Owens settled into a lengthy chinlock and quelled a comeback attempt before going right back to the hold. The crowd chanted “headlock city.”

Joe began to fade, but the crowd rallied and Joe finally broke free with shots to the mid-section. Owens got cocky and Joe began to roll with a big jumping senton of his own. Joe fired off shots and landed a big running kick to the head. Joe hoisted Owens to the top turnbuckle looking for his finish, but Owens fought out. Owens charged across the ring, but Joe spiked him to the mat with the STJoe. Owens ducked out to ringside and Joe followed, but Owens sent him head-first into the ringpost. Owens yelled “get the stretcher” before setting up the apron powerbomb. Joe broke free and the two just began to trade blows at ringside. The ref couldn’t break it up so he called for the bell.

Kevin Owens fought Samoa Joe to a no-contest in about 10:00.

The two continued to brawl and the referee locker room emptied and they tried to contain the fight. They were briefly separated before Joe charged back down the ramp into the ring and sparked things off again. Geeks in NXT shirts ran out from backstage and also tried to keep the two separated to little success. They broke free and continued brawling multiple times before Owens finally left the ring to retrieve his title belt. Owens dropped a few of the geeks for good measure on his way out of the ringside area. The show closed with Owens clutching the NXT Championship at the top of the ramp.

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