Tonight’s episode of NXT takes place at Full Sail University from Winter Park Florida, and streaming on the WWE Network.

An escalade pulls up to Full Sail. Out steps former NXT UK women’s champion Rhea Ripley, who looks ready and focused for her showdown with Shayna Baszler in tonight’s main event.

Intro song.

Mauro Ranallo, Beth Phoenix, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to another edition of NXT television. They hype Johnny Gargano’s return to Full Sail, as he addresses his future with the brand.

Damian Priest is out for our opening contest of the evening. He’ll be facing…Boa.

Damian Priest versus Boa

Tie-up. Priest forces Boa into the corner….neither man can gain an advantage and they reset. Leg kick from Boa…he bounces off the ropes but Priest runs through him. Boa challenges Priest to run the ropes again…Priest responds with a strike that drops Boa to the mat. He stomps Boa in the corner. Jumping corner elbow, followed by a falcon arrow from Priest. Boa mounts some offense of his own, nailing Priest with multiple kicks and a running dropkick. Big lariat from Priest in response. Cyclone kick and the Reckoning back to back. It’s over.

Damian Priest wins by pinfall

A vignette recapping Roderick Strong and Velveteen Dream’s rivalry is played. Last week Strong set fire to Dream’s signature couch getting his attention. “If the Dream burns…you will burn with us.” Commentary announces that Dream will defend the NXT North American championship against Strong at next week’s USA debut.

Johnny Gargano’s music hits, and the crowd gives him a hero’s welcome. They chant “Johnny Wrestling” for almost four straight minutes. He asks, what does the future hold for Johnny Gargano? This incites a “please don’t go” chant. He thanks the NXT Universe, stating that there wouldn’t be a Johnny Wrestling without them. “I absolutely love NXT and everything about this place.” Eventually he says he’s made his choice but before he can reveal what it is Shane Thorne interrupts him. Thorne berates Gargano for wasting everyone’s time, saying he could have just written something on social media instead of dragging this decision out. “This place is going to be just fine without you,” claims Thorne. “In fact…with the right person in the spotlight…it’s going to be even better. So take your bell…and take a walk.” Gargano responds, “I am NXT. And I’m not going anywhere.” Gargano superkicks Thorne! He stands over his body and writes out N-X-T FOUR LIFE with his finger. This ends the segment.

A video package highlighting the Forgotten Sons is played. Footage contains clips of the Sons destruction in the tag division.

Back to Full Sail…Pete Dunne is here and competing in the next match. His opponent…Angel Garza.

Pete Dunne versus Angel Garza

Before they lock-up…Garza goes to tearaway his pants…Dunne picks Garza’s leg and applies an ankle submission. Garza makes it to his feet and locks the waist. Dunne goes after Garza’s fingers with joint manipulation…he uses the pressure and goes for a lateral press…only a one count. Garza manages to escape and trap Dunne’s arm in a submission. They reset. Both men run the ropes…pace picks up…Dunne hits a lariat, then a huge PK to Garza’s tricep. He goes to stomp Garza’s arm but Garza moves. Garza sends Dunne to the outside and rips the pants off to the delight of the crowd! Dunne out of nowhere with a huge forearm! Fight spills to the outside. Garza rocks Dunne with a huge strike.

Back in the ring…Garza lays into Dunne’s chest with chops. Dunne creates separation…a flurry of overhand strikes. Dunne leaps over Garza…enziguri, followed by a release German suplex. Double-stomp onto Garza’s hands…roundhouse for two. He goes for the Bitter End…Garza has it scouted. He surprises Dunne with a dropkick but Dunne fires right back with a sit-out powerbomb. School boy pin from Garza…Dunne escapes. Garza traps him in the corner, then levels him with another dropkick. Back and forth striking…Dunne mounts Garza and lays into his face with kicks. He catches Garza after a moonsault and wishbones his fingers…Garza taps.

Pete Dunne wins by submission

Backstage Rhea Ripley is seen stretching. Elsewhere, Shayna Baszler is shadowboxing.

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Advertisement for Connor’s Cure featuring Roman Reigns.

Street Profits are seen in New York. (This was taped prior to Monday Night Raw’s MSG show). Angelo Dawkins says he and Montez Ford haven’t been the same since they lost their NXT tag titles to the Undisputed Era. Ford says there’s no better way to make a statement, then returning to Full Sail, and taking back the gold at NXT’s first USA show. They asks someone how they can get to MSG, as they are on a giant rock.

Our next matchup…Raul Mendoza takes on Cameron Grimes.

Raul Mendoza versus Cameron Grimes

Fun back and forth that sees both men trade an equal amount of offense. Mendoza nearly steals a victory with a running shooting star press but Grimes catches him out of the corner with his signature leaping double-stomp. That’ll do it.

Cameron Grimes wins by pinfall

Cut to General Manager William Regal’s office. Candice LeRae busts in asking why Io Shirai is being rewarded for her violent behavior. LeRae threatens that Shirai may not even make it to her triple-threat number one contender’s bout. Regal admits that Shirai has been causing a lot of havoc. He adds LeRae to the matchup, making it a fatal-four way. Regal then says that if Rhea Ripley wins tonight, she’ll be added as well.

Video package highlighting a returning Dakota Kai. Graphic says she’ll be back soon.

Commentary runs down next week’s card, which includes the NA title match, and Matt Riddle facing Killian Dain in a street fight.

Main event time. Rhea Ripley is out first to a big pop. The champ, Shayna Baszler is next. Here we go.

Rhea Ripley versus Shayna Baszler

Tie-up. Baszler goes after the arm…Ripley gets to the ropes and breaks the hold…Ripley trips Baszler and just misses a massive stomp. Ripley applies a wristlock. She goes for a slam…Baszler slips out and attempts an armbar…Ripley responds by powerslamming her. Clubbing forearms from Ripley. She drives her shoulder into Baszler’s gut. Ripley goes for a suplex…Baszler cradles her! Two count. Baszler ties Ripley up in the ropes. Huge kick to the back. Ripley answers with a back body drop but Baszler dodges a dropkick and goes for the rear-naked choke. Ripley dumps the champ to the outside. She picks her up in the electric chair and smashes her off the steel steps. Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke run out. Ripley nails Shafir with a boot but Baszler takes advantage and nails a running knee. Duke hands Baszler a chair…Ripley grabs it from her and smashes it off Baszler’s back! DQ is called.

Shayna Baszler wins by disqualification

Crowd doesn’t like the decision but they cheer heavily for Ripley who chases off the Horsewomen. This means that Ripley will not be added to the number one contender’s matchup. Commentary wonders if Ripley is the one to end Baszler’s streak.

Cut to a message from the Undisputed Era. NXT champion Adam Cole says that next week…the prophecy will be completed. Roderick Strong jumps in. “Next week…I will become the North American champion.”

That’s the show friends.

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