— According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, Jimmy Jacobs leaving WWE was not simply due to the Instagram photo he posted with the Bullet Club, but a few other unknown things that added up. Meltzer added that the firing was pretty much a Vince McMahon decision and the implication is that he simply posted the picture on the wrong day where Vince was upset.

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— Another report via pwinsider.com, indicates that as far as the Instagram photo goes, officials weren’t against the actual picture itself, but rather that Jacobs left a live TV show to go and snap the pic, which ultimately looked like an attempt to get himself over. He also took a leave of absence over the summer for personal reasons that may have put a “target” on his back.

— The latest speculation is that Carmella is going to win the Smackdown women’s title sooner or later as the company is building towards her as a champion. More likely than not, she will be successful in her Money in the Bank cash-in, whenever that happens.

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