Former WWE Superstar and Lucha Underground performer Rey Mysterio recently appeared as a guest on Busted Open Radio this week. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On three-hour WWE RAW shows being too long:

“I’m not going to hate, I was a part of that show. But even when I was on it, I couldn’t sit back and watch a show for three hours. When I was on the road with WWE, I’d come home and the last thing I’d want to hear about is wrestling. That was a no-no in the house.”

“For me it’d be hard to sit back and watch something, unless I knew somebody that I liked to watch was on. An AJ (Styles), a (Chris) Jericho, even an (Alberto) Del Rio that I wan’t to catch up with. Even Kalisto. He’s awesome.”

On where he would have Alberto Del Rio on the card in WWE:

“I would put him as Heavyweight Champion in WWE. He has every right to be. With the generations he has passed…he’s a world class athlete. MMA fighter, Greco-Roman wrestling, bilingual, what’s so hard to see the superstar status within him?”

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