When WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon received confirmation that the government would not be intervening and preventing Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia from happening, he made the decision to announce the news on the third quarter conference call but decided to “bury” the news as the fifth item underneath the announcement highlighting that company earnings were ahead year-over-year.
Participants on the conference call began questioning the decision, wanting to know what factors affect The Saudi relationship and whether there would have been any economic sanctions of backing out, but McMahon shut down the discussion immediately and deferred to the company’s statement saying that nothing more would be said about it.
Due to the uncertainty surrounding Crown Jewel – whether the show would be postponed, cancelled or moved to a new venue – WWE continued to advertise all the planned matches, including the ones with John Cena & Daniel Bryan despite knowing that they wouldn’t be going.
There are also reports that WWE continued to advertise them while working behind the scenes to try and convince both wrestlers to reconsider, possibly by offering them even more money. When neither backed down from their decision, steps were taken on RAW & SmackDown LIVE to immediately write them off of their matches.

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