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Rich Swann defeated Lance Anoa’i
Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Yuta
Rey Horus defeated Aerostar
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We opened with a video recapping Teddy Hart being attacked backstage by Richard Holliday and MJF last week, apparently breaking a rib in the process. We were told that we will be hearing from MJF and Holliday later on in the broadcast.

Rich Swann defeated Lance Anoa’i (7:07)

Swann had to use the ropes to leverage a win this week, making up for his disappointing loss the week prior. Anoa’i showed great potential and could be a really strong player for MLW.

Before Swann came out, we saw a recap from last week where Swann attacked Rich Bocchini and a referee. We heard that he has been fined for his actions but was allowed to compete by MLW management.

In an in-set promo, Swann told us he would like to thank the MLW faithful for standing by his side — because everybody knows, when the electricity flows, Rich Swann can keep the party going all night long.

Swann wanted to open with a test of strength and challenged Anoa’i with his arm in the air. Anoa’i displayed the size advantage he has over Swann by towering over him with his arm extended way over Swann’s. Swann began changing arms until sliding into his dance routine, complete with a twirl and the splits.

Anoa’i charged, but Swann leapfrogged, dropped down, and did another leapfrog. Swann then evaded with a running flip. He went for a crossbody, but Anoa’i caught him. Swann slipped out the back and hit a high kick to the head, but Anoa’i recovered and launched Swann across the ring with a back body drop, with Swann going the extra mile and landing on his face. A Samoan drop sent Swann to the outside. Anoa’i followed up with a big tope con hilo to the floor.

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Back in the ring, Anoa’i took the advantage as another “Contra” image flashed across the screen. In the process, Swann got the advantage back and was able to hit a big kick to the head while on the apron.

Swann went after Anoa’i’s face by fishhooking his mouth and raking the eyes. He shouted at the referee that if he wanted illegal, he would show him illegal and pulled Anoa’i’s long hair.

Swann locked in an abdominal stretch, but Anoa’i was able to power out and hit a pair of clotheslines to bring back some momentum. A stinger splash and running hurricanrana followed as Swann tried to get a breather in the corner.

We were told that Anoa’i is the grandson of Afa the Wild Samoan, and we saw a bit of his family heritage as he ran across the ring and hip attacked Swann right in the face. A standing moonsault got a close near fall.

Anoa’i went for a uranage, but Swann fought out. They exchanged forearms and Anoa’i went for it again, but Swann flipped out this time. A combination of strikes and spinning back fists stunned Anoa’i enough and gave Swann the opportunity to perform a big handspring cutter, but it was only for a one count as Anoa’i powered out.

A strong kick to the face floored Anoa’i again, with Swann then missing a standing corkscrew. Swann rolled through a schoolboy attempt and connected with a spinning hook kick to the back of the head.

Anoa’i stumbled and Swann looked like he was going for another, but he hesitated and instead let Anoa’i stumble to the corner. Swann charged at him and missed but was able to stop himself with a headstand in the corner. This left his head and face exposed, so Anoa’i connected with a hard kick that floored Swann.

Anoa’i saw a great opportunity and went to the top rope. He leapt off but missed a somersault splash. Swann grabbed the advantage, literally, by rolling him up and using the ropes to get the three count.

– We cut to a pre-taped promo from MLW World Heavyweight Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor. Lawlor said there has been a lot of rumors circulating about Low Ki: Where has he been training? Who has he been training with? Why the media blackout?

Lawlor says it doesn’t matter, because when they step into the cage, if Low Ki thinks he can go away and train for one month and come out on top in something Lawlor has been training his whole life for, Low Ki is more delusional than everyone told him he was.

Lawlor said that this isn’t a seminar, or a weekend retreat, a choreographed fight scene, or a fantasy camp at a monastery — this is his world. And he is going to perform his own blackout in Chicago when it comes to Low Ki.

– We then cut to MJF backstage in the arena. He called Teddy Hart a phony, a farce, and a paper champion. MJF called himself the real Middleweight Champion. He said Hart has a lot to worry about and that is why he beat him down last week.

MJF introduced Richard Holliday and called him the most marketable man in professional wrestling and said that neither he or Holliday come from a drug infested crazy family. He wants Hart to be fully aware that Stu Hart is spinning in his grave knowing that MJF is better than him, and Teddy knows it.

– Kaci Lennox was backstage with Mance Warner, who appeared with a light beer and a white board. He gave us a rundown of his booking ideas.

Number one: Light beers. Warner said he has had about 15 of them and he is going to rip someone up tonight. Number two: Eye pokes. Warner is the God of the Eye Poke. Number three: Knee pad up…dramatic pause…knee pad down. Someone’s head is going out into the crowd. Number four: Lariats. One lariat is all he needs for the win.

Warner then called out anyone in the back, but Low Ki and Jimmy Havoc in particular.

Mance Warner defeated Jimmy Yuta (5:32)

Old Mancer didn’t wait around. He backed Yuta to the corner and began following him around the ring with chops and right hands. Yuta got a big boot and a few right hands in, but that only seemed to fire Warner up. Yuta went for a tarantula submission hold and even got a pair of two counts from a sunset flip and a schoolboy.

Another hard open hand slap to the chest floored Yuta, but Warner was quickly knocked to the apron. Yuta went for a springboard but landed on his feet on the apron. Warner stopped him in his tracks and baited him to duck as he faked a right hand. Yuta obliged — and Warner planted him with a DDT.

Warner then got back into the ring went for a running dive — but wisely stopped himself as Yuta moved out of the way. Warner smartly, and safely, got to the apron. And when Yuta turned, he was met with a two-fingered eye poke from the Eye Poke God. Warner’s momentum was short lived as he soon ate a drop toe hold into the guardrail and a suicide dive from Yuta.

Back in the ring, Yuta came close with another roll-up and a modified Death Valley Driver, but both only gained two counts.

Warner got back into it with a headbutt as Yuta was coming off the top. He lined Yuta up as he brought his knee pad up…dramatic pause…and took his knee pad back down before connecting with a knee trembler and a big lariat to pick up the win in his debut match.

– We had another H2tv with Davey Boy Smith Jr. talking about the history of the Hart Foundation and their animals. Teddy Hart talked about being shooters and called Davey the best shooter in the world. He said Davey could choke out Brock Lesnar and he hopes to see that one day, mentioning Dana White in the process. Hart said he was grateful CM Punk stepped outside and did something different and it didn’t matter if he lost — he said Punk had balls for doing what he did.

Hart said the Hart Foundation are in MLW for the gold and they were not interested in running off to All Elite Wrestling.

Rey Horus defeated Aerostar (7:36)

They exchanged arm drags, headscissors, takedowns, roll throughs, and kip ups to start us off. Horus kicked Aerostar in the knee but quickly ate a head-first suicide dive for his troubles when he tried to escape to the outside.

Back in the ring, Aerostar sprung to the top rope and hit a corkscrew crossbody. Matt Striker told us that Aerostar’s spirit travels through time. Aerostar walked the ropes and hit a backstabber onto Horus, who was hung up sitting in the corner after missing a mid-air bronco buster.

It was soon Horus’ turn to go to the top as he hit a springboard arm drag, taking Aerostar to the outside. Horus then went corner-to-corner and launched himself onto Aerostar with a big tope con hilo. Back in the ring, Horus continued with a clothesline in the corner and a seated dropkick for a two count.

Aerostar evaded Horus by hanging in the ropes. He then leapfrogged Horus to the apron, hit a step-up kick, and then hit a middle rope springboard codebreaker for a two count of his own.

Aerostar tried to get the crowd going but soon didn’t need to as they rose to their feet in appreciation when he stepped up to the top rope and dove off with a trust-fall dive for another close two count. Horus then stopped himself on a whip to the corner, kicked Aerostar in the head, and followed up with a big overhead belly-to-belly into the corner when Aerostar rushed him.

Horus slammed Aerostar near the corner and went up top, but he took too much time as Aerostar knocked him to the outside. Aerostar followed up with another beautiful middle rope assisted step-up flip dive to the floor.

Back in the ring, Aerostar hit a springboard crossbody block. He continued on and hit a middle rope springboard cutter and went to continue his momentum, but Horus caught him in his tracks and planted him with a standing C4!

Horus ate a pair of boots as Aerostar was in the corner. Aerostar then leapt to the top rope, but Horus joined him. In an incredible finish, Horus sprung on the top rope, twisted in mid air, hooked Aerostar’s arms with his legs, rolled through, and planted Aerostar with a victory roll from the top rope! He amazingly held on for the pin in a really good showing for both competitors.

– We heard from Salina de la Renta as we were going off the air. She was in Puerto Rico and said that no one could interview Low Ki. She said Low Ki was training the hardest he has ever trained in his life. She warned Tom Lawlor that he has messed with the “wrong bitch” and that Low Ki is training with some cage fighters Lawlor has fought in the UFC, so be ready.

The interviewer asked if there was anyway they could talk to LA Park and she brushed them off by saying she couldn’t speak English — or Spanish — and walked away.

Next week, MLW Intimidation Games in Chicago —

MLW World Championship steel cage match: Filthy Tom Lawlor defends against Low Ki
The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) vs. Taurus & Laredo Kid


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