Mick Foley posted a new Facebook blog recently where he claims he turned down an offer to appear on next week’s Christmas-themed edition of RAW, likely as Santa Claus.

Below is the full blog.


What about FO- HO-HOLEY?

I appreciate so many people jumping to my defense at the announcement of Hulk Hogan as the special guest for the Christmas episode of WWE Monday Night Raw. All of your “what about St Mick” and “Foley is Santa” comments are much appreciated.

But the truth is, I was asked by WWE if I would like to travel to Minneapolis for Raw, but had to turn the opportunity down, due to a prior commitment. I’ll miss it. I’ll watch, and probably wish I was there. But as important as appearing on Christmas Raw is to me, honoring a commitment means just a little bit more.

I have really enjoyed being part of the holiday season in my own small way in WWE, and hope to be part of the Christmas episode in 2016.

So don’t hold it against the Hulkster or WWE, I wasn’t forgotten or disrespected in any way. Just previously engaged.”

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