With the recent storyline of John Cena calling out The Undertaker, it is interesting that his wife, Michelle McCool has posted a new photo of the Deadman on Instagram.

Cena referenced McCool posting videos of Undertaker working out during one of his recent promos, so this could be another focal point of an upcoming promo. The picture is a selfie of the couple together.

My love…..happiest of days! ❤️

A post shared by Michelle McCool-Calaway (@mimicalacool) on

Drake Maverick Hypes 205 Live

205 Live general manager, Drake Maverick has been hyping 205 Live on Twitter today, posting a video of him discussing the Cruiserweight Championship match at WrestleMania 34 and the upcoming episode.

PLEASE RT@WWE #Cruiserweight Championship Final CONFIRMED for #Wrestlemania – A story foretold months ago?

FATAL 4 WAY #Cruiserweight Action scheduled for @WWE205Live

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THIS TUESDAY – #WWE #205Live pic.twitter.com/SJnoB2VdWg

— Drake Maverick (@WWEMaverick) March 25, 2018

Young Bucks Tweet Ronda Rousey

Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks has tweeted Ronda Rousey after she was filmed working out with some of their merchandise on by WWE. Jackson simply said ‘thanks for the love.’

Thanks for the love ❤️. https://t.co/pdrAM32JYW

— The Young Bucks (@NickJacksonYB) March 24, 2018

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