Earlier this week, it was reported by Newsweek that announcer Mauro Ranallo had departed from WWE. This was supposedly due to constant bullying from fellow announcer JBL every week, though Ranallo said to Newsweek that this wasn’t the case. The bullying went on and on until it triggered Ranallo’s well-publicized bipolar disorder. It looks as though he has reached a settlement with WWE to not speak about the matter, and that he will go on to fulfill other duties. Believe it or not though, it may not be the end for Ranallo and WWE.
Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Obsever Newsletter reported that there have been talks, albeit very light ones, about Ranallo and WWE possibly working together again in the future. The Wrestling Observer says that the door is not completely closed for Ranallo to come back one day. Whether he could resume announcing for some shows, or whether he would be brought back for some network specials, Ranallo still may have a future in WWE. The Observer notes, however, that these talks have not been very successful thus far.
Mauro Ranallo is still a major fan of pro wrestling, and has promised that he will still announce for the sport going forward. Personally, after everything that has happened, I don’t see how he could possibly ever work with the company ever again. However, the door is not closed yet on their relationship, and perhaps we could see Mauro get a second chance in WWE one day. For now though, Ranallo remains busy calling Showtime Boxing, as well as multiple other sports shows.

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