The “BROKEN” character from Matt Hardy is currently in limbo at the moment. The belief was that the characters had been purchased from Impact Wrestling by WWE, but now Dave Meltzer has said on Wrestling Observer that this may not be a done deal just yet. He believes that something came up and the deal has not been signed. The character is still likely coming to WWE in just a matter of time, Matt Hardy has been teasing the return of the gimmick for weeks now. In fact, he recently has started tweeting completely in character again, and has changed his handle to “#BROKENBrilliance” as well as other phrases relating to the character.
Recently, a fan stated on Facebook that Matt betrayed the seven deities by returning to WWE and abandoning the character. He went on to mention that he understands his situation with Impact and Anthem, but feels that he should have stayed in “the Honorable Ring” (ROH) in order to use the character on his own accord. The fan then went on to mention that he should have avoided signing with MeekMahan (Vince McMahon), the man with three H’s (Triple H), and the princess with a billion dollars (Stephanie McMahon). Matt Hardy eventually responded to the fan personally, stating: “The #7Deities have told me that my #BROKEN CONDISHTION will return fully as soon as the OBSOLETE Owl is fully DELETED.”
The battle between Anthem and Matt Hardy is still ongoing, but WWE is rumored to be close to reaching a deal to purchase the rights to the “Broken Universe.” The Hardys have been coasting off of nostalgia since returning to the company, but there are plans for Jeff Hardy to get a singles run, and for Matt to test his character in WWE. If you enjoyed the House of Horrors match at Payback, then you have a reason to look forward to “Broken” Matt. Despite Reby Hardy denying the rumors of a sale, as well as the supposed deal being delayed, the return of the character is considered inevitable at some point in the future.

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