Marty “The Moth” Martinez, alias Martin Casaus, joins the Wrestling Epicenter for an exclusive interview to talk about his reign as Lucha Underground champion, his upcoming Ultima Lucha Quatro match with Pentagon Dark, his feud with Melissa Santos, the underrated “Mariposa” Cheerleader Melissa, and the birth of Ring Warriors on WGN America.

Be sure and watch Lucha Underground Season 4 as it leads up to Ultima Lucha Quatro, the two-part season finale set to air starting Halloween night, October 31st and concluding November 7th, 2018 o El Rey Network. Also, check out Ring Warriors every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. on WGN America.

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On being Lucha Underground Heavyweight Champion:

“It is great! It is a culmination of a lot of things I worked for. I put in a long of hard work to get here. And, it is a lot of fun to kick Pentagon in the face! I feel like I’m sitting pretty sweet right now on the top of the mountain.”

On not being able to tell anyone about his title win until it aired:

“Absolutely. This one was harder than others because it was during Season 4 that they did the big “Hey, No Spoilers”. In fact, there was one week that they sent out a cease and decist to prevent spoilers. That same week after that happened, I won the championship. That would have gotten out so it came as a big surprise to a lot of people who would have gotten the information a lot sooner. That was so cool. I’m liking it! It was so hard not to tell people.”

On there being more pressure as the Champion:

“Absolutely. There is a ton of pressure. That means that you are essentially the face of that company – of that TV show because remember, we’re a TV show, not a wrestling company. So, (as champion), you’re the face of that TV show Absolutely, there’s a lot of pressure. But, I’m not worried in the slightest.”

On Chelsea Green who plays his new valet Reclusa:

“She’s great! She was pretty much down for anything. She was there kind of as a “I’m here”, lets take a look at her kind of thing. They looked at how me and Chelsea worked together in pre-tapes and dark matches and said, “This could be something cool!” So, they threw her in that weekend. It is really cool to work with her because she’s kind of down for anything and that’s how I am. So, it was like how can we make the best TV that we can?”

On the death threats he got for stalking Melissa Santos:

“It is great because we were getting such a good reaction, we couldn’t stop and we had a tremendous story. She was letting me do whatever I’d like which was great. Her reactions were real reactions. I never told her what I was going to do and I was always trying to get her grossed out in real life. She was very good at keeping her composure while I was dripping on her and sweating on her. It was a lot of fun, though, the death threats that I got from my interactions with her and the people were so angry with me from the interactions with her sending me all types of threats! I’m like, “I filmed this three months ago, guys. It is not like I’m going to change anything because you wrote me on Twitter or whatever. (laughs) It was fun seeing people’s reactions to me and Melissa and how angry they got about it.”

On his Lucha Underground sister Mariposa AKA Cheerleader Melissa being underrated:

“She was the original character. Marty “The Moth” was not part of the original script of the show. Her character was it. I just happened to come in first and get that exposure. She’s fantastic. She’s, just like Chelsea, she’s down for anything. She’s a great worker. She’s known a bunch of places. I’m sure she’s going to get plenty of spotlight in the near future. She put up a hell of a fight last night.”

On working the same with a woman like Mariposa as with a man:

“You could. However, I look at it as an opportunity to tell a better story. If I were to great her just like anybody else… If I punch a woman, it is completely different than if I was to punch Drago. I feel like every time I got to work with Sexy Starr, everytime I got to work with Mariposa. I look at it as an opportunity to tell a different story where you didn’t see me punch her in the face much. We told a brutal story. But, it is fun because the way Lucha Underground portrays women anyway is that girls are super heroes. I know it is totally not your question but Lucha Underground is where girls can shine even against the men.”

On rumors he was originally to be Mil Muertes or Matanza:

“I did not hear about the Matanza one. But, after the first season, Chris DeJoseph did put out there that I was supposed to be the original Mil Muertes. That is a true fact. I had no clue about it. I don’t know if it was like when I got there and they saw me, they were like, “nevermind” or what. (laughs) But, I was supposed to be the original Mil Muertes and I’m very glad that didn’t work out.”

On the decision not to be Marty “The Moth” Martinez outside of Lucha such as in Ring Warriors:

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“No, that is something I decided myself mostly because I don’t want to deal with contractual issues. And second, I”m Martin Casaus! I do all my business, my supplement business, my Twitch is all under Martin Casaus. So, lets keep the brand of crazy and just introduce the real person.”

On his most memorable hardcore match in Lucha Underground:

“(laughs) I’ve had some memorable moments in Lucha Underground for sure. I think out of those, the Weapons of Mass Destruction match sticks out the most to me. You asked if there is pressure being a mid card guy versus a guy on top. Well, I don’t think people took us seriously as far as me and Killshot (Shane Strickland) I feel like that match changed a lot of people’s opinions of me and Killshot.”

On how hardcore his Cero Miedo match with Pentagon Dark at Ultima Lucha Quatro will be:

“You have not seen anything like what is to come. I’m telling my mother not to come to this one! (laughs) This is the bloodiest and most brutal match I have coming up at Cero Miedo and I’m so excited for you all to see it!”

On the popularity of all wrestling especially indie wrestling right now:

“I think it is popular but it is only going to get more popular similar, to me, to what the Attitude Era was. I feel like wrestling is going to be cool again. It has started already with John Cena and The Rock all being in movies. It is cool, now, to be a wrestling fan again when before it wasn’t for some reason. It was cool during the Monday Night Wars. But, the era we’re going to now where everywhere there is variety rather than just one company. That one company is doing very well anyway. But, with the advent of the Internet, wrestling is going to see its sweetest, sweetest highs coming up.”

On if there will be a Lucha Underground Season 5:

“I’ve heard rumors sometime this year, sometime next year. Again, rumors are rumors. I’ve heard rumors since the beginning and here we are at Season 4. Never count Lucha Underground out!”

On the differences between Lucha Underground and Ring Warriors:

“There is definitely a huge difference. I see a vast difference in terms of production, in terms of story telling. It is great though because it it is a different blend, a different flavor. It is another 52 week show, every single week there is a (Ring Warriors) wrestling product out there that people can enjoy. I don’t think enough people know about Ring Warriors. Definitely, it is old school. You can see Matanza at Ring Warriors. You can see the old school Marty “The Moth” at Ring Warriors. You can see Jeff Cobb (Matanza) at Ring Warriors. I’m super excited to see where it goes.”

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