Paul Heyman interviews “The Baddest Dude on the Planet” Brock Lesnar about THQ’s WWE ’12 video game in a video published Tuesday. His former manager asks, “Did you have a favorite opponent during that run, or a single moment that stands out in your mind?”

Brock responds, “I went through a lot of guys. I went through Ric Flair. I went through Hulk Hogan. I went through Undertaker. But there’s a guy that I didn’t get to go through. There’s a Hall of Famer, there’s a legend that I didn’t get to go through and there’s a guy that felt threatened by me at the time and there was a guy that felt that I had everything given to me.

“And that guy’s “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

“If that’s the match that I wanted to have and I look back and felt robbed by, that’s the one that I would want. That’s the one that sticks out the most in my mind. All these other matches, yeah, they were great. I was on top of the world and I was beating the Hall of Fame legends. I was the first legend killer.”

The interview concludes with Heyman asking Lesnar if he thinks we’ll see him pull off an F-5 anytime soon. He smilingly responds, “I think you can purchase the game and do it all you want.”

Lesnar also discusses Alistair Overeem, maintaining his personal life, being included in WWE ’12, his diet, and more.

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