Former WWE Superstar Lance Storm recently appeared on the Figure Four Weekly podcast, where he discussed several WWE topics. One of those topics is the heel and babyface dynamic in Vince McMahon’s company.

“That’s the thing that I’ve been screaming about forever and it’s the misunderstanding or just idiocy, of the ‘well, there’s no heels and babyfaces anymore, it’s just shades of gray.’ And I’ve been screaming this forever. It’s like Steve Austin was a complex character and he had parts of his personality that may not be the traditional white meat 80’s babyface, but he was the hero. Eddie Guerrero, even though he was lying, cheating and stealing, he was a babyface.”

So is it possible that the terminology is the problem? Or does it go deeper than that?

“You still need a protagonist and an antagonist. It’s just the definitions have changed and I think we need to get those proper protagonists again and protect them. And that’s something that I’ve, throughout my career and now as a trainer, when you get a babyface that’s over, you have to protect that. Heels can always get their heat back, you don’t have to protect the heels as much.”

WWE indeed seems to be the worst offender when it comes to disrupting the heel/babyface flow. There have been more heel turns in the company over the past few months than perhaps at any time in recent company history. The problem is, those turns are coming at the expense of babyfaces, who end up losing their momentum every time.

Much of that is evident on Monday Night Raw, which has been criticized over the past several weeks. Many fans feel that the program is simply not good as it’s become Baron Corbin’s show and the heels have completely taken over.

Storm also addressed that issue, as well as the issue of heat.

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“There needs to be less heat. There needs to be babyfaces that portrayed as babyfaces. Heroes that we can get behind. Look at all the popularity of all the Marvel shows, it’s like the heroes are winning them all.”

Corbin’s stranglehold on Raw may be come to an end. If Baron loses at TLC on December 16, then he could be “fired” by Vince McMahon, who is expected to return on Raw the night after.

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