Kevin Nash was interviewed last night on the radio show. The interview can be downloaded from their website.

The most notable piece of news coming out of the interview came when Nash was asked about his contractual status with TNA Wrestling. Contrary to previous internet reports, Nash revealed that he has not yet signed a new deal with TNA. “We’re close to getting everything done, but it’s still not official,” Nash said. “I’ve heard reports that, you know… merchandise we’re still pretty far apart. I guess because they’re playing hardball, they told me the other day that they pulled me off their web page.”

Big Sexy added, “I guess I was supposed to call somebody and complain, ‘What’s going on?’ or lose sleep. I’m more worried with our financial infrastructure crumbling than working in professional wrestling right now (laughs). I’ve got a lot more to lose with Wall Street than I do with TNA.”

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