WWE announcer Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry at his website. As always, its chock full of news and backstage information. Here are the highlights from this update:

Jim Ross On Paul Heyman: “I have not spoken to Paul Heyman since April, when he called to congratulate me on being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I hear he is busy writing movie scripts, TV treatments, etc for a variety of projects he is involved with, in the film and TV business, none of which has anything to do with wrestling. Paul is a brilliant guy who has many skills and will not surprise me if he writes some major “hits” before all is said and done. Happy Heyman has a vivid imagination to say the least.”

Jim Ross On New Hart Foundation: “I hope the “new” Hart Foundation works really well if and when it is debuted. I am just an old school guy who is leery of repackaged characterizations but this one might work. Time will tell and I am certainly pulling for the “Hart” kids.”

Jim Ross On Hulk Hogan Rumor: “I never heard the tale of Hulk vetoing several wrestlers off a possible list of opponents. I think that rumor is just that, as Hogan would wrestle anyone who would help sell tickets. And anyone who would not want to wrestle Hogan back in the day would have to be an idiot, unless they just simply did not like to earn money.”

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