– For proof on how far Johnny Nitro has been buried on the RAW roster, check out this link that goes to the latest Superstar 2 Superstar where he interviews Steve O.

– had a poll up yesterday asking fans which brand Rob Van Dam should go. Of course this is a completely bogus question considering Van Dam is done with WWE as his contract will expire at the end of this month. Apparently the official WWE website does this to try and mess with people.

– The latest edition of MAD Magazine features an article about WWE called “MAD’s Touchy-Feely Wrestlemania Outtakes.” In it, there are photos from WrestleMania (several from when Vince got his head shaved) with funny dialogue thought bubbles added in.

RVD’s TNA Debut Date Revealed *HERE* + Full WWE Draft Lottery Spreadsheet On Who Will Go WHERE *SPOILERS*

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