Here are some highlights from WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross’ latest blog, which you can read in its entirety over at

The Undertaker: Undertaker questions…we seem to get more and more of them…mostly the same questions daily. Final, final for now…I don’t know when the Undertaker will return but I expect it to be by WM28. I don’t know who Taker will face at WM28 but it will be someone of quality and the match will rival Rock-Cena for equal billing because the ‘Streak’ is that big in the eyes of many fans. I also don’t keep up with the Undertaker’s current choice of haircuts and when we do communicate it’s about college football and not haircuts.

Booker T: What are my thoughts on Booker T? Another question that we get a great deal. I always loved Booker’s work in the ring and when he was ‘on’ he was as good as any one especially when Booker was allowed to roll on the mic. As far as his announcing goes, I think Booker improves every week and that he’s attempting to master a new aspect of the business which some fans feel is easy to accomplish. It’s not. Booker is witty, has a distinctive delivery, and understands the business and if he continues to improve he will earn the same accolades as a broadcaster as he did as a wrestler in WCW and WWE.

Today’s Announcers vs. Previous Generations: “It isn’t exactly fair to compare any broadcasters of today with those of other generations because today’s commentators are asked to perform a different style than did their predecessors. Play by play, for example, has fallen by the wayside, by and large, and being a narrator/story teller has taken its place. Same essentially goes for the analyst role. Analysts don’t speak much on the affects of wrestling holds to any degree any longer and some even avoid talking in ring strategy.”

*Spoiler* For WWE’s Upcoming Hell In A Cell PPV

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