Global Force Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett recently appeared on the In The Room podcast. During the interview, Jarrett discussed the Global Force revolution, his time in Memphis and working with his father, balancing his private and public life and more.

When asked to compare GFW to TNA, Jarrett said, “Wrestling fans love to compare everything that they can get their hands on. That’s okay. I love it. You can compare title runs, you can compare feuds, you can compare promos … everybody has in their minds a comparison or a pecking order or what have you. I know that certain times in TNA’s history, I’d love to be compared to that company. Other times, not so much.

He added that wrestling fans pick and choose what they want to watch, which he’s happy about. He threw some shade at his former company by stating,”When you come a Global Force show, you immediately know this is not TNA.”

Jarrett was also asked about a possible WWE Hall of Fame induction. Jarrett sounds interested, but knows the decision rests with a guy named Vince. “That is up to one man. You can’t predict a man’s mind. I’ll leave that up to the wrestling fans to discuss and debate and everything that goes with it.”

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