Impact Wrestling took a pretty big step forward this week in the race for most adult-oriented wrestling promotion, with an episode that featured such segments as Killer Kross waterboarding ECW legend The Sandman, as well as Eddie Edwards having a full-blown mental breakdown, attempting (and possibly succeeding) to murder Kross in the aftermath.

The first of the two controversial (read: incredible) segments saw Kross literally torturing Sandman in a closet somewhere backstage. The video aired as a distraction during Edwards’ match with a member of oVe.

Later in the show, Eddie was baited into a trap as he searched for the remains of Sandman, but managed to get the upper hand on Kross before bludgeoning him with numerous shots from a kendo stick.

It was at this point that his wife, Alisha Edwards, attempting to make him stop the violent assault. The clearly masochistic Kross, however, cheered Eddie on – and subsequently had his face BITTEN OFF… we assume. All you can actually see is poor Alisha with a look of total shock on her face, as Kross shrieks in pain somewhere off-screen.

You can check out the footage above and below.

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