In an interview to R-Sport, the 21-year-old aims to achieve some big success in the future. The Russian player had started the 2018 season on a good note reaching the Qatar Open final in Doha losing to Gael Monfils, but then he went through some injuries that forced him to stop competing for several months.

2019 did not start too well for Rublev, who wants to improve: I want to play like Djokovic, Nadal and Federer. I try to behave in a way that, even if I do not feel at 100 percent of my game, I keep the ball in game and at the same time run and win.

I would just be happy if I could do it. But at the moment I cannot do it, and we are doing everything to get stronger physically. I work a lot in fitness. There is a progress if we compare last year and now. I move much faster, I defend much better.

But I am so far away from the best players, if I compare to them. At last years NextGen ATP Finals, Rublev was asked who was the toughest player he faced in 2018: I dont want to say that I played a lot because half of the season I was not playing.

But its impossible to say who is the toughest because, I mean, all the top players they are the toughest. All of the upcoming guys who is winning tournaments, who is competing, who is beating top players, they are tough.

The guy who is 30 in the world, I mean, all the guys are tough. These days even sometimes you play with a qualifier that is too hungry and its tough to beat him because he have level. In the end, every guy he can show one day, two days, one week amazing things.

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