– WWE sent out a survey to fans on Wednesday to get their input on a name for a new show. The options were: WWE Presents, WWE Profiles, WWE Chronicles, Superstar Showcase and Beyond The Ring. The synopsis for the show is as follows:

“This program will shed a gripping spotlight on the triumphant and turbulent careers of WWE’s most famous Superstars, from WWE’s first-ever Champion, the controversial Buddy Rodgers, to 2013’s most popular WWE Superstar, John Cena.

Each true story will offer fresh revelations about these larger-than-life personalities, with insight coming from the people who know, or knew, them best: close family and friends, embittered in-ring rivals, childhood crushes, high school mentors, the WWE Superstars and Legends themselves and more.”

– Following rumors that Hulk Hogan was spotted at the Wynn Hotel for Wednesday’s WWE Network announcement in Las Vegas, “The Hulkster” posted the following tweet informing fans that he was in Florida:

Update On Sting To WWE, Ultimate Warrior At WMXXX?, Undertaker’s Retirement

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