The teams that will participate at the finals of the Greek women’s Cup are finally know. AEK, Olympiacos, Iraklis Thessalonikis and Iraklis Kifisias are the four teams that are going to play for the trophy in Santori Island.


Olympiacos was the first team that qualified in the finals, the girls from Piraeus won 1-3 Anatolia from Thessaloniki. They had a good rhythm right from the beginning and won easily the first sets, but the relaxed and made mistakes at the third set and Anatolia took advantage of Olympiacos bad performance and took the third set. Olympiacos returned back at the game like a hurricane and swept the victory.


Iraklis Kifisias took the second ticket at Rethimnon against OPE Rethimnon, that was a real derby. Both teams had their share in good attacks and services as well as in mistakes, anxiety, passion and nerves inflamed the court, and Iraklis left it by 2-3.

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AEK eliminated Panathinaikos in its own court by 1-3, it was not an easy victory though for AEK, Panathinaikos fought hard even though AEK dominated completely the first set to get the valuable ticket to the finals, but the lack of experience and problems at the reception cost them.


Iraklis Thessalonikis was the fourth team that took the ticket at the easiest of the games against A2 League team Filathlitikos Larisaikos, the team from Thessaliki dominated the game through and through and Filathlitikos left the court much more experienced.


All the results:

OPE Rethimnon – Iraklis Kifisias 2-3 (25-22, 21-25, 25-22, 9-25, 10-15)

Filathlitikos Larisaikos – Iraklis Thessalonikis 0-3 (13-25, 13-25, 12-25)

Anatolia  – Olympiacos 1-3 (15-25, 18-25, 25-15, 14-25)

Panathinaikos – AEK 1-3 (11-25, 19-25, 27-25, 23-25)

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