— The profile page of the recently released Robbie McAllister was up on the Raw Superstars section for two days, but was deleted about an hour ago, thus confirming that it was a glitch and that he’s not back in the company.

— WWE.com has acknowledged Shawn Michaels’ triceps injury. He’s scheduled for a full medical examination today to determine the severity of the injury. According to the article, he is determined to meet Chris Jericho in his scheduled match with him this Sunday at Unforgiven. {Shawn Michaels injures tricep}

— John Bradshaw Layfield has posted his latest blog on the WWE Fan Nation website, which you can read at the following link. Since his retirement, JBL claims he’s lost 63 pounds. “Speaking of — I have lost 63 pounds so far. I have had a broken back, several knee surgeries, a double hernia operation in the past, a current herniated disc, a past torn bicep, and a current torn rotator cuff and labium in my shoulder — however, I have developed a product that allows me to get up in the morning and feel like training. No kidding, I have got the thing that will help a ton of Americans — I am proof. You will see this product in a few weeks.” He pokes fun at Joey Styles and politicians.

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