Finn Bálor’s time in WWE has been met with lukewarm response from many fans. However that response is not necessarily due to his efforts in the ring. A great number of WWE fans have always wanted more for Finn and believe that WWE is simply not giving him enough.

Proof of that opinion is evident every time Bálor works a main event match. The former Universal champion always brings his A-game, reminding everyone of just how good he is. That was also the case when he faced AJ Styles at TLC in 2017.

Finn was supposed to face Bray Wyatt at that event but Bray was on the shelf due to an illness, so AJ was sent in as a replacement. Balor recently appeared on the NotSam Wrestling Podcast and reminisced about the match that many fans are still talking about today.

“From what I can remember, it was a lot of fun. I don’t watch my matches back, so like I can’t say if I’m happy or not. But the fact that you’re still talking about it a year later and they’ve just put it on the Youtube channel and stuff like that, you know, some people liked it for sure.”

Finn and AJ ended that match with the “Too Sweet” hand gesture, which is The Bullet Club’s calling card in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Finn was the group’s first leader and was eventually succeeded by AJ Styles.

Bálor and Styles have been busy on Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live respectively, since their 2017 match. So what are the chances that the two will face off again in the future?

“I’m looking forward to doing it again. Because I felt like that kind of happened like out of nowhere. I was still finding my feet in WWE, kinda getting back off the injury and I feel like, you know, in the year that I’ve been back since that match, you know, I feel like I’ve really found my feet in the ring. Kinda working on a different frequency right now. I think like that match with me an AJ, sometime in the future, is gonna blow that match before out of the water.”

Styles recently lost the WWE Championship to Daniel Bryan and Bálor has not been in serious Universal title contention since first holding the championship. While WWE has yet to make a move to pair the two up again, it’s obvious that Finn feels there’s more to come.

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