TNA Wrestling superstar Elijah Burke was recently interviewed by and spoke about a number of topics, including his amateur boxing background, how he came up with his finishing maneuver, his favorite match and more. Here’s what Burke said about:

Rejecting a Spot in the Spirit Squad: “Yes, I turned it down. It was not forced upon me but an opportunity for me if I wanted it. I chose not to put myself or career into a situation for the ‘Right Now Money’ as I plan on being around for a while in this business,” Burke told in an interview. “I knew the Spirit Squad would get a lot of TV time and PPVs ’cause Vince said so; it was his idea. But at what cost? A year later, the stench of the SS killed (or hurt) all of their careers,” Burke said. “Kudos to Dolph Ziggler for working his butt off.”

Chris Benoit: “I remember talking to him, and he would tell me that he forgets a lot of things, and how he would like for me not to be afraid to communicate with him,” Burke said. “He had a condition that I’ve witnessed older people deal with all the time, being that my mother’s a nurse. And let me tell you, one minute they’re telling you to help them, and the next minute they’re screaming, ‘Help, there’s a stranger in my room.’ So by Chris’s brain being worse than an 80-year-old Alzheimer patient’s, then who knows.”

Burke says Chris Benoit saw potential in him and took him under his wing. “He had handpicked me to help elevate to the next level,” Burke said. “He called me the day before they say the first ‘incident’ happened to check on me following my back injury when he crashed into my knees during our first and last televised match. Does that sound like a monster to you?”

Signing with TNA: “My signing with TNA was about timing and both sides being happy, plain and simple.” When asked if we’ll see him back in the ring soon & where, he said, “Well, I think we all know the answer to this question by now, don’t we?.”

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