– It’s been determined that Spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal cord that causes pressure on the spinal cord) is what ultimately led to the end of Edge’s WWE career. The condition is usually genetic and typically does not cause problems for people until they reach their 70’s. It is what also ended Steve Austin’s career.

With spinal stenosis, the risk of paralysis from taking a bad bump is high – and any type of regular in-ring performing would accelerate potential health problems and adversely affect the performer’s overall qualify of life.

For both Edge and Steve Austin, there is risk of their health problems worsening even after they leave wrestling – but retirement will hoefully allow both men to recover enough to live normal lives.

– Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter this week after being with Awesome Kong in Las Vegas for the CAC Reunion convention:

“Awesome Kong can become a big star in the near future. Lots of charisma. Natural badass. I believe in her.”

– Speaking of Kong, word coming out of WWE is that even though they trademarked the name Kharma, she may not use it after all. The name she will use in WWE is still up int he air.

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(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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