Eddie Edwards recently spoke with the folks at Wrestling Epicenter for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On his unhinged persona: “I’m enjoying it. It is a chance for me to do some things I’ve never done in my career, obviously. To be able to go and try this here, that there. It’s cool! It definitely has my creative juices flowing. And also, with vignettes and stuff behind the scenes also … a lot of things are going on. It is definitely a change of pace, but it is a welcomed change of pace for me.”

On part of his persona resembling Tommy Dreamer’s during his classic ECW feud with Raven: “I don’t know how much thought went into it. It just so happened that Tommy is my guy and was around at that point. It just so happened that it resembled that Tommy Dreamer in ECW type look. We were definitely going for that grungier type look especially going out there to oVe’s territory. But, I think it was a happy accident. That is the direction we were going for, a more gritty, hardcore style.”

On his brutal feud with Sami Callihan: “We kind of found ourselves in this. Obviously, it began with the baseball bat. We had to escalate from that. As tough as it was to escalate from that, things have escalated! We’ve had to step it up and step it up and step it up time and time again. This has been a perfect storm of incidents and accidents – A perfect storm of emotion, really!”

On whether or not the baseball bat incident was the scariest moment of his career: “Yeah, no doubt about it. It wasn’t even a pain thing. It was that shock! All of a sudden, I felt it in my eye! My first thought was, ‘Is my eye on the mat? Is my eye hanging out of my face? Am I going to lose my vision?’ All those, that whirlwind of emotion going through my head. That is by far, by far the scariest moment of my career so far … Knock on wood!”

On Alisha Edwards being involved in the feud: “It’s cool. Before we were traveling together, you never know how it is going to go. It’s like, ‘All right, we live together. We do everything else together. Now, lets go work together!’ That might have been the scariest part! But, it’s been cool. It’s been fun. It is nice having her by my side even if it is just traveling. It is a comforting thing for me. It is a little scary having her in the ring and the stuff we’re doing. You know, she is my wife! I always want her to be safe. But, when certain things come up for violence to happen to her, it can be worrisome. But, I know how good she is. I know how tough she is too! Especially with this feud, it was like, ‘Alright, here’s this big feud. Here’s the pool, the deep end. Lets see if you sink or swim!’ She’s definitely been swimming. It’s been awesome to see her go out and help this feud that has been going on and has been one of the biggest things ever in my career.”

Check out the complete Eddie Edwards interview at WrestlingEpicenter.com.

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