HINSDALE, IL — A DuPage County Forest Preserve Commissioner candidate faced problems at the polls in Hinsdale, where he was told he was an inactive voter. Irfan Ibrahim, a Hinsdale resident and a candidate for District 3 Commissioner for the forest preserve, was first asked for two forms of ID and was then told he was not an active voter.

Ibrahim posted on his Facebook page, showing that he has voted in every general election since 2010.

“If you think that voter suppression is not real, it is real,” Ibrahim said in his Facebook video.

“I’m going back out there again to let them know that I am voting today, up and down the ballot,” Ibrahim said. “Voter suppression will not be accepted.”

Later in the day, Ibrahim returned to the polls, and he told Patch he was able to vote.

If you’re already registered to vote, you do not need to show your ID in order to cast your ballot — you only need to state your name and address. However, there are limited circumstances in which a voter can be asked for identification, including those who are registering on Election Day, and those voting for the first time after registering by mail. But even in those instances, a voter without ID may cast a provisional ballot, according to the ACLU of Illinois.

Photo via Democratic Party of DuPage County.

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