Dean Ambrose, along with his old/new partner Seth Rollins, captured the Raw Tag Team Championships at SummerSlam by defeating Sheamus and Cesaro.

The win put Ambrose in an elite WWE club, as he’s now just the eighth grand slam title winner in company history.

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Here’s what being a grand slam winner entails:

“Winning one title is impressive. Winning two, even more so. Three? Now you’re just showing off. But winning the four major, active titles in WWE is a feat so rarified that only a handful of Superstars have managed to pull it off. There’s even a name for it: A Grand Slam Champion.”

And here’s the list of all eight grand slam champions in WWE history:

EdgeBig ShowThe MizEddie GuerreroDaniel BryanKurt AngleChris JerichoDean Ambrose

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