Columbus, Ohio:
– Ed “Strangler” Lewis defeated Orville Brown to win the Ohio version of the Midwest Wrestling Association World Heavyweight Title 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
– John Katan defeated Earl McCready for the Toronto British Empire Heavyweight Title 


Kansas City, Kansas:
– Swedish Angel defeated Orville Brown to win the MWA World Heavyweight Title


Sydney, Australia:
– Leo Jensen defeated Bonnie Muir for the vacant Australian Heavyweight Title


Kansas City, Kansas:
– Central States Heavyweight Champion Lenny Montana beat Johnny Valentine by dq (Valentine used a piledriver, which is barred in Kansas) 
– Larry Hamilton beat Bobby Lane dq
– Dick Hutton defeated Maurice Roberre (Hutton was accompanied by Ed “Strangler” Lewis) 


Amarillo, Texas:
– Dory Funk, Sr. defeated Antoine Leone to win the Amarillo version of the NWA North American Heavyweight Title


San Bernadino, California:
– Stan Holek and The Preacher defeated Sandor Szabo and Edouard Carpentier for the NWA International Television Tag Team Titles


Memphis, Tennessee:
– Eric Pomeroy and Ray Andrews defeated The Medics for the NWA Southern Tag Team Titles

– Ciclon Negro and Masked Terror defeated Wilbur Snyder and Dick the Bruiser to win the American Wrestling Alliance World Tag Team Titles

Dallas, Texas:
– Joe Blanchard defeated Billy White Wolf for the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title


Lafayette, Louisiana:
– Bobby Fields won the NWA Louisiana Heavyweight Title by defeating Danny McShain 


Tokyo, Japan:
– Michiaki Yoshimura and Kintaro Ohki defeated Eddie Morea and Tarzan Zorro to win the vacant All Asia Tag Team Titles 


Ciudad Juarez, Mexico:
– El Goliath defeated Henry Pirousso for the Mexican National Heavyweight Title


Osaka, Japan:
– Gene Kiniski defeated Giant Baba for the NWA International Heavyweight Title


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:
– Dr. X (Jim Osborne) defeated Ramon Torres for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title


Kiryu, Japan:
– The Destroyer (Dick Beyer) defeated Abdullah the Butcher to win the Pacific Wrestling Federation United States Heavyweight Title 


– Chavo Guerrero, Sr. defeated Dr. Hiro Ota to win the NWA America Heavyweight Title

Ozark, Alabama:
– The Wrestling Pro defeated Ken Lucas for the NWA Gulf Coast Heavyweight Title

Dothan, Alabama:
– Rip Tyler won the NWA Alabama Heavyweight Title by defeating Dick Dunn


New Brocton, Alabama:
– Billy Spears defeated Johnny Eagles for the NWA Alabama Heavyweight Title 

Chicago, Illinois:
– Super Destroyer & Angelo Mosca beat Dick the Bruiser & the Crusher
– Verne Gagne beat AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel (no title change, decision later reversed)
– Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell & Jose Lothario beat Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant & Roger Kirby
– Ivan Koloff beat Wilbur Snyder by countout
– Bobby Dumcum beat Steve Regal
– Rufus R Jones beat Blackjack Lanza
– Moose Cholak beat Chris Markoff


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:
– AWA Tag Team Champions Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell no contest Adrian Adonis & Jesse Ventura
– Jerry Blackwell beat Billy Robinson
– AWA Champion Nick Bockwinkel beat Sheik Adnan
– Ken Patera beat Buck Zumhofe
– Bobby Duncum drew Tito Santana


Ponce, Puerto Rico:
– Mad Dog Lafaib defeated Invader I to win the WWC North American Heavyweight Title


Hampton, Virginia:
– Dick Slater defeated Rufus R. Jones to win the NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title

Dothan, Alabama:
– Bob Armstrong won a tournament for the vacant NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Title 


New Orleans, Louisiana:
– Ted DiBiase and Hercules Hernandez defeated The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) to win the Mid-South Tag Team Titles

Memphis, Tennessee:
– The Interns (Don Bass and Roger Smith) defeated The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane) to win the AWA Southern Tag Team Titles


– Fuerza Guerrera defeated El Dandy for the Mexican National Welterweight Title


– Sangre Chicana defeated Perry Aguayo to win the Universal Wrestling Association-promoted WWF World Light Heavyweight Title


Coos Bay, Oregon:
– Steve Doll and Scotty the Body (Raven) defeated The Wrecking Crew (The Grappler and The Equalizer) for the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Titles


San Antonio, Texas:
– Hulk Hogan pinned The Undertaker to win the WWF World Title (title held up and decided at Royal Rumble)
– Randy Savage defeated The Undertaker


Funabashi, Japan:
– Jesse Barr and Ryuma Go won the Championship Wrestling USA International Tag Team Titles by defeating The
Bruise Brothers (Ron and Don Harris)

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– Mitsuharu Misawa and Kenta Kobashi won the annual Real World Tag League to win the AJPW World Tag Team Championship


Wilmington, Delaware: 
– Ronnie Roberts defeated Boogie Woogie Brown to win the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Title 


Denton, Maryland:
– King Kong Bundy defeated Romeo Valentino for the Maryland Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Title 


New York City, New York:
– Steve Corino defeated Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Title
– Rhino pinned Spike Dudley to retain the ECW World Television Title


– Bobby Lashley won the ECW Title in an Extreme Elimination Chamber match over Big Show, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, Test and Hardcore Holly


1958 – Fabulous Moolah beat Mae Weston to retain the women’s world title (Tampa)

1958 – Ella Waldek beat Judy Glover to retain the Southern womens’ title (Fort Myers)

1968 – Louie Tillet & Tarzan Tyler beat Jose Lothario & Wahoo McDaniel (Orlando)

1969 – Sailor Art Thomas beat Missouri Mauler (Tampa)

1970 – Dory Funk Jr. beat Dick Murdoch to retain the NWA title (Miami Beach)_

1971 – Mr. Wrestling (Tim Woods) beat Don Curtis (TV)

1974 – Eddie & Mike Graham beat Toru Tanaka & El Lobo and Dusty Rhodes beat Mongolian Stomper via DQ (Orlando)

1975 – Mike Graham beat Roger Kirby via DQ to retain the U.S. jr. title (Fort Myers)

1975 – King Curtis beat Bill Dromo to retain the Florida title (Tampa)

1979 – Bugsy McGraw & Bad Leroy Brown beat Dusty Rhodes & Manny Fernandez in a lights out tornado match (Orlando)

1980 – Dusty Rhodes beat Baron Von Raschke (Tampa)

1981 – The Spoiler & J.J. Dillon beat Bugsy McGraw & Eric Embry via DQ (Miami Beach)

1982 – Dusty Rhodes beat Kevin Sullivan (Jacksonville)



1966 – Michiaki Yoshimura & Kintaro Oki beat Eddie Morea & Tarzan Zorro in Tokyo to win the All Asia tag titles

1967 – Gran Goliat (Great Goliath) beat Henry Pilusso in Monterrey to win the Mexican national heavyweight title

1969 – Brute Bernard & Skull Murphy beat Lars Anderson & Dick Murdoch to win the IWA tag team titles in Brisbane

1970 – Gene Kiniski beat Giant Baba in Osaka to win the International title

1975 – The Destroyer beat Abdullah the Butcher in Kiryu to win the U.S. title

1983 – El Satanico beat Lizmark in Mexico City to win the NWA middleweight title

1985 – Fuerza Guerrera beat Dandy in Mexico City to win the Mexican national welterweight title

1989 – Sangre Chicana beat Perro Aguayo to win the WWF light heavyweight title

1993 – Mitsuharu Misawa & Kenta Kobashi won the All Japan tag team tournament by one point over Stan Hansen & Giant Baba

1999 – Kenta Kobashi & Jun Akiyama beat Stan Hansen & Akira Taue to win the All Japan tag team tournament

2000 – Ayako Hamada beat Aja Kong in Tokyo to win the Queen of Arsion title and Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda beat Gami & Rie Tamada to win the Twin star tag title

2001  – Loco Max beat Ricky Marvin in Puebla to win the Mexican national lightweight title

2003 – Eagle Sawai & Amazing Kong (TNA’s Awesome Kong) beat Shinobu Kandori & Takako Inoue in a tournament final in Tokyo to win the LLPW tag titles

2014 – T-Hawk & Eita beat Cima & Gamma to win the Open the Twin Gate titles


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