St. Louis, Missouri:
– World Heavyweight Champion Gus Sonnenberg beat Frank Jorgenson 
– Joe “Toots” Mondt beat Dick Daviscourt 
– Nick Lutze beat Pat McGill 
– Roy Steele beat Tom Draak 


Jacksonville, Florida:
– One Night Tournament for the World Tag Team Title: Karl & Kurt Von Brauner defeated Yukon Eric & Don Curtis to win the World Tag Team Titles
– Reg Parks defeated Russian Crusher
– Lou Bastein defeated Pedro Godoy
– Dale Lewis defeated Marco Polo


Omaha, Nebraska:
– Cage Match: AWA Champion Mad Dog Vachon beat Mr Wrestling Tim Woods
– Reggie Parks & Mighty Igor Vodik beat Nebraska Tag Team Champions Mitsu Arakawa & Haru Sasaki by DQ
– Mad Russian Stan Pulaski beat Billy Red Cloud
– Ivan Kalmikoff drew Danny Plechas


Miami Beach, Florida:
– Florida Title: Cowboy Bill Watts defeated The Mongolian Stomper (Lou Thesz special ref)
– North American Title: Bob Armstrong defeated Terry Funk
– Tony Parisi & Dominic DeNucci defeated Dick Slater & Bob Roop


Kansas City, Kansas:
– Akio Sato defeated Rick McGraw
– Bob Geigel defeated Tank Patton
– Ray Candy & Johnny Loyal defeated Ripper Collins & Percival A. Friend
– Bob Brown & Ed Wiskoski fought Mike George & Pat O’Connor to a double-DQ
– Ron Bass & Dutch Mantell defeated Jerry Oates & Ted Oates


Biloxi, Mississippi:
– Junkyard Dog & Killer Karl Kox defeated Ernie Ladd & Leroy Brown to win the Mid-South Wrestling Tag Team Titles


San Juan, Puerto Rico:
– Pierre Martel defeated Mad Dog Lafaib to win the WWC North American Heavyweight Title


Orlando, Florida:
– Cocoa Samoa & Hector Guerrero defeated Cuban Assassin & Prince Iaukea
– Kendall Windham beat Bob Roop
– Joe Savoldi & Mike Graham drew Kevin Sullivan & Purple Haze
– Jesse Barr defeated Abdullah The Butcher by DQ
– Wahoo McDaniel defeated “Nature Boy” Ric Flair


Dallas, Texas:
– The Bad Breed (Axl & Ian Rotten) defeated John Hawk (JBL) & Bobby Duncum Jr. to win the Global Wrestling Tag Team Titles


Morganton, North Carolina:
– Bobby Blaze defeated Killer Kyle
– Tracy Smothers defeated Chris Candido
– Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated Jim Cornette, SMW Tag Team Champions Tom Prichard & Jimmy Del Ray in a handicap match when Cornette was pinned
– SMW Heavyweight Champion Brian Lee defeated the Dirty White Boy
– The Dirty White Boy won a Smoky Mountain Rumble


Canton, Ohio:
– Konnan defeated the One Man Gang ton win the WCW U.S. Heavyweight title


Raleigh, North Carolina:
– Steve Corino defeated Joey Matthews to win the SCW Light Heavyweight title in a ladder match


Memphis, Tennessee:
– Baldo (Albert/A-Train/Matt Bloom) defeated Jerry Lawler in a tournament final to become the first Memphis Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion


Wrestle Reunion: Los Angeles, California:
– PWG Title: Claudio Castagnoli (Cesaro) defeated El Generico (Sami Zayn) to retain the title
– Low Ki defeated Davey Richards
– Roddy Piper won a legends battle royal


WWE Royal Rumble: St. Louis, Missouri
– World Title Steel Cage Match: Daniel Bryan defeated Mark Henry and Big Show to retain the title
– WWE Title Match: CM Punk beat Dolph Ziggler to retain the title
– Sheamus won the Royal Rumble


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