UFC fighter Connor McGregor says “most” of the WWE roster are “pu**ies.”

During Friday’s UFC 202 conference call, McGregor was asked about the pro wrestling empire, and he didn’t have much nice to say. McGregor also expressed a lack of respect for Brock Lesnar over his failed drug test after UFC 200.

“For the most part those WWE guys are p*****s. They’re messed up p*****s, if you ask me,” McGregor said.

On the subject of Lesnar, he credits him for returning to the sport after a hiatus and defeating Hunt, but slammed him for being “juiced up to his eyeballs.”

“How can I respect that?” McGregor said of Lesnar, who tested positive for estrogen-blocker clomiphene UFC 200.

McGregor said that he likes The McMahons, Triple H, and The Rock, but that “the rest of them are f*cking pu**ies.”

Conor said he doesn’t have an opinion on CM Punk for now because he hasn’t had his debut MMA fight yet.

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