— The CHIKARA wrestling promotion announced earlier today that one of their wrestlers, Colin Olsen a.k.a. Colin Delaney, has signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. The reason for the announcement is because Colin is unable to participate in the King of Trios tournament next weekend in Philadelphia, which he was scheduled for. Click here to see a video of CHIKARA Director of Fun Leonar F. Chikarason making the announcement on YouTube.

— Earlier in the month, WWE made former star Damian Demento close his account on YouTube because they don’t want him using the ‘Damian Demento’ name on his videos, which they own the rights to. Demento has since opened up a new account on YouTube at this link. In his latest video, he asks for work from WWE. He’s willing to work in front of the camera, or behind it. He says he wouldn’t mind getting back in wrestling. You can see that video at this link. Also, the latest issue of WWE Magazine with the four speciality WrestleMania covers pokes fun at Demento again. In their monthly 15-question quiz feature, they ask: “Which curtain-jerker did The Undertaker defeat in the first Raw main event?” The options are Waylon Mercy, Barry Horowitz, Max Moon and Damian Demento. Of course, the answer is Damian Demento.

— You can see photos of former WWE star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at the 80th Academy Awards at this link. Rock is one of the Oscar presenters for tonight’s show.

See retro photos of Damian Demento at this link (>>)

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