Cody Rhodes and Tony Schiavone kicked off Starrcast weekend this Thursday night with a sit-down panel and Q&A with the fans, entitled “Undesirable to Undeniable”. 

During the panel, Cody was asked by a young fan in attendance if the upcoming AEW television product will feature “20-minute promos”, a frequent complaint from many fans about WWE’s long-running flagship shows.

After first diving into a long story about the creation of the Stardust character, the American Nightmare eventually got around to addressing the question, effortless popping the packed Starrcast crowd by borrowing a familiar line from his old boss:

“No chance in hell.” 

Cody didn’t leave fans hanging there, however, as earlier in the panel he discussed his thoughts on how the weekly AEW television series will be presented. The EVP waxed nostalgic about the old school days-gone-by, stating that the fledgling promotion will be “turning the clock back”.

He also answered yet another exciting question on most fans’ checklists, confirming that AEW on TNT will “not be held to the standards of TV-PG” when it begins airing on Wednesday, October 2.

“The way it’s going to be presented is as a sports product. I don’t mean that it’s not meant to be entertaining, or that there aren’t narrative themes, but it’s presented as a sports product like wrestling used to be presented. It’s okay to turn the clock back. We have so many forward-thinking talent as it is. To bring back some of that tradition, and some of that long-form, and some of that just – legit men and women fighting, and the violence. I was so excited that we’re not held to the standard of TV-PG, because wrestling can’t be PG.”

Check out the entire “Undesirable to Undeniable” panel with Cody Rhodes, hosted by Tony Schiavone, exclusively on FITE TV.

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