Show: The Pain Clinic
Hosts: Rich “Cashman” Jones, Murph, JZ, The Artiste and Dangerboy
Date: 12/20/08

Next up an interview with CM Punk and Pain Clinic’s Murph the Wease show on WFXF. CM Punk joins the show and talks about the Tribute to the Troops. Wease asks him about the CM moniker and what it means.

Punk talks about this being his second trip to Iraq and how it was different this time around. Wease’s producer Anthony asks Punk about his straight-edge character. Punk talks about the length of the flight to Iraq.

Punk gives his thoughts on wrestling radio shows and the internet. Wease talks about him being from Chicago and the Governor’s problems. Anthony asks why the Tribute to the Troops is on NBC this years.

Wease’s co-host Lilly (formerly of Ron & Fez) tells him he looks like Chris Angel. Lilly said that he must get all the playmates and Punk said playmates are over rated Lilly asks him if he likes fake boobs or real ones and Punk said real ones and girls with brains.

Punk talks about the Armageddon PPV in Buffalo. Punk talks about the movie “The Wrestler”. Murph asks Punk about the worst thing about being on the indy circuit. He said he loved many things about Indies.

Punk said people say he looks like Christian Bale. Wease’s daughter Diane comes on and asks Punk about his tattoos. Wease talks about his tattoo parlor In Rochester and all the famous folks they have tattooed including Thea Vidale, a.k.a. Mama Benjamin.

Punk takes a call about his match at Armageddon with Rey and the GTS move that bloodied Rey’s nose. He has to go soon afterwards.

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