Charly Caruso has joined ESPN and will now be working with them and WWE.

While using her real name (Charly Arnolt), Caruso started in her on-air role with ESPN today. In a post on Instagram, Caruso confirmed that she’s now an ESPN employee. She noted that she isn’t leaving WWE and wrote that WWE is still her home.

“Charly Arnolt…ESPN. WHAAAAAT!!! Been waiting my whole life to say those 4 letters! So yep, here I am — officially an ESPN employee! (No, I am NOT leaving WWE! That’s still my home and I am so happy there!),” Caruso wrote.

“I’ll be doing a few things at ESPN from time to time for now, including SportsCenter updates and hosting the SportsCenter on Snapchat show. I’m still in disbelief. WWE + ESPN = KILLER COMBO! I am so incredible appreciative and fortunate for both of these wonderful opportunities! Check me out all day today and tomorrow doing SC updates!”

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Caruso also worked in sports broadcasting before coming to WWE in 2016. She’s currently an interviewer on Raw, hosts NXT TakeOver pre-show panels, and co-hosts This Week in WWE with Scott Stanford.


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