TMZ recently spoke with Brooke Hogan and Nick Hogan, the children of WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, and during the interview, which you can watch above, the Hogans are asked about rumors of The Huckster possibly returning to WWE.

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Nick Hogan appears unwilling to comment on the situation, however Brooke says “I think he should go. I vote yes.”

On his current shape, Nick notes that Hogan is still in “insane” shape, and that he warms up at Nick’s max in the gym. Nick added that Hogan keeps them in the dark about “everything”, so they are unsure of his current WWE status.

The children are also asked about recent comments made by Mark Henry, during which Henry said he is not sure if the WWE locker room is ready for a Hogan return, and Nick Hogan offered no comment, while Brooke joked about Hogan’s 24 inch pythons.

As we noted earlier this week, Hogan was in attendance for the “Andre the Giant” movie premiere in Los Angeles, and WWE issued the following statement clarifying that despite Hogan’s appearance, he has not been re-hired by the company:

“Hulk Hogan is an important part of Andre the Giant’s history, however his appearance at tonight’s HBO premiere of the documentary and his plans to help others learn from his mistakes does not mean WWE is rehiring him. Hogan is not scheduled to be at any upcoming WWE events.”

Hulk Hogan, Triple H, Rey Mysterio & More Walk Red Carpet w/ Hollywood Celebs For ‘Andre the Giant’ World Premiere (Ph

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