Brazil managed to win World League for the ninth time and became the best team in the history of this competition. Murilo was awarded by the MVP title.



Even without injured Berezhko and Khtey Russia managed to played very good but Brazil made use of their experience and was a visibly better team.  Serbia got back to their high performance after disappointing semi-final and overcame Cuba in the thrilling tie-break and got the bronze medal.

World league 2010 complete results and ranking 

The youngest sides taking part in the Final Six, Serbia and Cuba had a passionate and fascinating battle for the bronze medal. Both teams were taking some risk at serve and playing tough. Crucial for Serbia’s victory was their advantage at spiking. It was simply the day of Nikola Kovacevic who scored 25 points. Kovacevic was supported by his excellent team-mates, especially Sasa Starovic proved once again his perfect skills. However also Cuba deserved for the medal and it’s a pity it was “only” rivalry for the third place. Young Wilfredo Leon is definitely one of the most promising players in the world and if his career develops in this pace he might become a wonderful player in a couple of years.

Brazil and Russia clashed in the battle for the victory in this year’s World League. “Canarinhos” were playing without injured Leandro Visotto while Russia lost Yury Berezhko and Taras Khtey and had to play with a slightly experimental team. Even with such a problems Russians were still playing very tough and were showing excellent performance in block. Brazilians found a recipe against the most powerful weapon of Russians – their difficult and tough serve and it was the key to their success. Experienced Dante was scoring as much as possible and leaded his team to the ninth victory in the history of the World League’s competition. Also Murilo was playing simply great and was rewarded for that with a MVP title. Maxim Mikhaylov and Dmitriy Muserskiy were top scorers for their team and once again their performance was crucial for the performance of the whole Russian team.

Even tough Russia lost the final game, their players can be named as the biggest winners of this Final Six. Maxim Mikhaylov was the best spiker, Dmitriy Muserskiy – the best blocker and Sergey Grankin was the best scorer. Maxim Mikhaylov also got an individual award as a best scorer. Lean Joandry was the best server while Mario the best libero. Murilo was chosen as the MVP.


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