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Boogeyman was said to be on the “endangered species” list as recently as two weeks ago. His character was being written off of SmackDown, and that us why he was squashed by Mark Henry on a recent edition of SmackDown. Fortunately for him, the draft came up, and his move to ECW breathed some new life into his character. For those wondering about the Little Boogeyman character, he was written off. He wasn’t really needed anymore because Boogeyman’s feud with Finlay was over. He was really only in WWE in the first place to combat Hornswoggle.

Former Velocity announcer Steve Romero left WWE a few months ago because his contract had expired and WWE didn’t bother to renew it. After Velocity was cut off the air due to the formation of ECW, his WWE duties consisted international syndication and WWE 24/7. They have a new guy named Jack Korpela who does all that stuff now, and thus Romero wasn’t really needed anymore. Romero is now the weekend sports anchor for WKMG-TV in Orlando, Florida.

Indy wrestlers Johnny Magnun, Blain Rage and Shane Chung had tryouts before the 6/4 Raw in Tampa. All three wrestlers did matches with Jamie Noble before fans arrived. The McMahons, Johnny Ace, Triple H, Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson and Barry Windham all observed them. The three wrestlers come from Dory Funk’s wrestling school in Ocala, Florida.

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