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Dave Batista’s new book “Batista Unleashed” is now in print and will be on sale later this year in October. Published by Simon & Schuster, the autobiography will detail the life and career of one of the most unique superstars to ever reach the top of the WWE mountain.

There are several very interesting facts about Batista revealed in the book preview at Simon & Schuster’s official website. Below are just some of the topics the book covers:

– Batista didn’t break into wrestling until he was thirty years old — an age at which many wrestlers are thinking about hanging up their

– While successfully staying away from hard drugs and — usually — liquor, he found sex too tempting to resist. “Women were my drug of choice,” the Animal confesses. That addiction cost him his marriage, destroying a relationship that had helped him climb from poverty to the pinnacle of sports entertainment in less than two years.

– Batista talks about growing up in the worst part of Washington, D.C., where three murders occurred in his front yard before he was nine. He speaks lovingly about his mother — a lesbian — and how hard she worked to keep the family not just together but alive.

– He talks candidly about his own criminal past: a conviction on a drug charge and another, since overturned, on assault. He speaks of his days as a bouncer and a lifeguard, and tells how bodybuilding may have saved his life.

– Once he made it to the WWE, Batista realized he wasn’t really ready for the big time. His career seemed headed for a fall until Fit Finlay took him under his wing. But his real education came when he joined Evolution and rode with Triple H and Ric Flair, two of sports entertainment’s all-time greats. Batista talks about what they taught him, and details some of their wild times on the road.

– Batista is a grandfather!! You read that right – Dave Batista’s kids have kids!


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