— Both Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were on hand for all four of TNA’s television tapings this week in Orlando. While Hogan has his own dressing room, he made an effort to mingle with the rest of the talent backstage. Meanwhile, Bischoff was more involved in backstage production.

There had been some skepticism as to whether Hogan and Bischoff would be interested enough to attend four consecutive shows, but to their credit, they did.

Jason Hervey of Wonder Years fame has also been regularly backstage since Bischoff became involved with the company. (source: prowrestling.NET)

— Those who missed TNA’s live Monday Night iMPACT! on Jan. 4 can relive the epic event without commercial interruption at www.TNAVideoVault.com.

— Apparently poking fun at the company’s decision to rid itself of the six-sided ring, Christopher Daniels wrote the following note on his Twitter account this week: “Good news and bad news for TNA fans-> Bad: the six sided ring isn’t coming back! Good: next month we’ll implement two three sided rings!”

Daniels & other TNA veterans in danger of being let go (see the list) ->

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