source: Wrestling Observer has a story on Joanie “Chyna” Laurer titled “Broken Chyna Back Together.” She was recently spotted at a club and was looking a lot better than the last time she was seen, which was on the “Larry King Show” on the day her friend Anna Nicole Smith died. Click here to read the article and to see the new pic of Chyna.

Rena “Sable” Mero was the third biggest mover on Wednesday in searches. Brock Lesnar was No. 15. The surge in searches is probably due to having a front article on Lesnar that day, which mentioned his divorce from Sable. WWE was No. 7 in total searches on the day. has an article on WWE switching to HD sometime next year. There was an interesting back-and-forth with Bruce Leichtman, President of Leichtman Research, saying because WWE has more of a downscale appeal, its viewers are less likely to own HD sets, and said it isn’t like people are going to start watching WWE because it’s in HD. “Either you watch it or you don’t.” WWE’s Gary Davis, vice president of corporate communications countered by saying they have doctors, lawyers, accountants and construction workers as fans and there fans are more likely to buy HD sets than an average U.S. adult. Click here to read the article in its entirety.

Sylvan Greiner was in Montreal on Wednesday and Thursday promoting the 5/27 Smackdown house show. He was with Bruny Surin, a member of the 1996 4×100 replay gold medal winning team, who is from Montreal. Apparently, Surin will be Grenier’s manager on the show and they were hinting the was going to do an angle.

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