Former TNA star AJ Styles appeared on Wrestling Observer Radio this week and revealed that he’s already made more money this year working the indy scene than he would have for the entire year of 2014, based on the final contract renewal offer he received.

He added that by the end of the year, he could make the same amount of money that he made in TNA in 2013, a deal that was more lucrative than TNA’s final offer to him this year. Styles made around $350,000 on his last TNA deal. The deal that he turned down would have paid him just over $200,000 and would have paid him based on how often he wrestled.

Another perk of being self employed and taking his own bookings is that independent promotions pay for his hotel rooms, travel expenses. He also receives most of the money generated from the sales of his merchandise.

TNA doesn’t cover road expenses and wrestlers only get a small percentage of merchandise money.

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