WWE Champion AJ Styles spoke with ESPN ahead of his match against Samoa Joe at WWE SummerSlam, and the piece contains comments from Joe, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett, and ROH star Christopher Daniels as well. Below are some highlight quotes from Styles.

On him and Samoa Joe starting out together in companies like TNA and climbing their way to the top in WWE:

“When I say ‘cockroach-infested’ that means, ‘Listen dude, we went through a lot of crap, we’ve worked in a lot of places to get to where we’re at, mainly with TNA,’” Styles told ESPN. “The guys that TNA didn’t want to push to the absolute tippity-top are also the guys in one of the biggest matches in SummerSlam for the WWE championship.”

On how he was able to keep his name in WWE:

“When Triple H and I were talking, he said, ‘I don’t know if we’ll be able to keep your name.’ I said, ‘That’s fine, I’ll be any name you want me to be called, except I do have this huge AJ tattoo on my side so that might be a problem,’” Styles said. “I think it worked out for the best because we weren’t taken and being changed into something else. We were the same characters that they saw from different companies and that they were familiar with and people were already invested in. I think that was a good move by WWE.”

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