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— recently conducted a rare interview with TNA star Abyss, and he doesn’t stay in character. He primarily talks about video games — TNA’s upcoming game as well as games from the past. In wrestling video games, he usually picked the larger wrestlers. “Abyss wasn’t available, so I don’t know. I usually picked the big boys, so maybe Earthquake, Slaughter, Dibiase, those guys. I usually liked to match teams that I didn’t see in real-life, so Warrior and Dibiase maybe, someone like that,” Abyss said. He also gave his thoughts on seeing himself in the upcoming TNA video game. “Yeah man, it’s unbelieveable. I can’t believe the technology, and when I saw it on a HD screen, it’s amazing that it’s video and not reality. The graphics and detail is what amazes me the most. It’s top-notch and the highest quality around. It’s such a big accomplishment to have a game second to none in the world. It really feels good for the whole company,” Abyss said. {Abyss Interview}

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— There were some complaints backstage stemming from last week’s Prince Justice League (apparent new faction featuring Super Eric, Curry Man and Shark Boy) segments. Some people complained over the company airing a few too many segments on them last week on Impact.

— TNA experimented with putting the women in the main event spot on last week’s Impact, and from all accounts it has to be considered a success. The Angelina Love & Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim & Taylor Wilde match scored a 1.18 quarter, the high point of the show. Traditionally, TNA does not keep its audience through the conclusion of the show. Additionally, the segment gained 118,000 viewers. Here are other ratings notes from the 7/31 show. The Christian & Rhino vs. Beer Money (Robert Roode & James Storm) match for a title shot lost 118,000 viewers. A match featuring Johnny Devine didn’t lose viewers for a change. The Johnny Devine & Rock & Rave Infection vs. Shark Boy & Curry Man & Jay Lethal match gained 44,000 viewers. The strongest gain of the show featured Lethal asking Val to marry him again, a Prince Justice League segment, and a Joe & Nash promo, gaining 222,000 viewers. The Booker and Joe in the cage segment, a vignette featuring former WWE star Daivari, and an AJ Styles promo lost 59,000 viewers. The Consequences Creed vs. Petey Williams match lost 148,000 viewers. A Matt Morgan squash match, post-match brawl with Tomko and more Justice League gained 118,000 viewers. The show drew a 1.08 cable rating with 1.6 million viewers. It was the most actual viewers for Impact since February. Impact did a big 1.36 rating among male teenagers, followed by a 1.05 in Males 35-49, the best number in that demo in a long time. The show drew a 0.96 in males 50 and up. The show only drew a 0.60 in the target Males 18-34 demo.

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